Saturday, 3 May 2014

April Favourites


May is here so here are my April favourites!

Topshop Kohl Eyeliner in Coal
I never usually buy a lot of makeup because I'm only 14 and I don't want to ruin my skin so there probably won't be a lot of beauty favourites for the foreseeable future. However I have been in need of a good quality eyeliner for a long time and when I saw this was only £4, it was love at first sight. The sleek packaging stood out to me first, I don't mean to judge a book by it's cover, but it's just so PRETTY! Despite it's too good to be true price tag I was pleasantly surprised at the quality! It draws a really thin line creating a subtle but effective look. I would really recommend this eyeliner!

Blue Gingham Jeans
I got these trousers from Topshop last week and I'm obsessed with them already! It's not often I buy printed trousers so I'm really excited to wear them. They are perfect for those days leading up to summer where you want to wear summery clothing but it's not appropriate or warm enough to wear shorts or skirts.

Seeing as it's no longer winter boot season, I was desperate for some Spring/Summer shoes to see me through until I can wear flip flops! I spotted these gorgeous pair of Converse All Stars, they cost a pretty penny but I believe that's worth it for how much use I will get out them this season. Also, I ADORE this colour, I've bought quite a few mint green items since!

Gossip Girl
This is my first show on Netflix that I am embarking on, I'm on series 5 out of 6 and loving each episode. It's very girly yet filled with suspense and drama. I'm really getting into it and I don't really want it to end!
I don't tend to buy music, I use Spotify because it's so flexible and easy to use. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Demi Lovato, especially Made In The USA and Skyscraper. I've also been loving Sky Ferreira's song Everything is Embarrassing.

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