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Thought I'd share a few views here today, not something I normally do as I'm not very opinionated. But I like to think I'm pretty educated on internet culture and all that. I understand the "fangirl mindset" as I've been there myself so I'd just like to clear up a few things regarding obsessions.

When you type "fangirl" into Google the definition they give is "a female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction". Obsessive is the key word here, one which non-fangirls often take to be a negative quality. I hate it when someone uses obsessed as an insult. I prefer the word passionate! To be passionate about something is generally a good thing, a desirable quality. Fangirls care deeply about their idols and admire them. When you put it that way doesn't it sound like a good thing? 

I speak as an ex Les Miserables fangirl, I would get very excited when watching the film and I just about died when one of the cast replied to my tweet. Now I've grown out of that particular fandom but I am still a fangirl to some extent, I get excited when my idols release a video/song/film/etc. While I do regret some of my cringey tweets regarding Les Mis, I don't regret loving it. In fact I think fangirling (getting very excited by something fandom related) is a great thing, as it is makes so many teenagers happy. Some may mock us for being very happy about things which others take for granted like films and music but as pretentious as it may sound, I think being a fangirl has made me appreciate things more and notice the beauty in things more. 

I don't have a problem with idolizing people, this has been around for years and young people will always look up to musicians/actors/youtubers/etc. To those who protest against being idolized, it's not supposed to be a burden, it should be a responsibility that people are proud to hold. Those being idolized have an amazing opportunity to make a positive difference and use their role model status for good! Having a role model is a wonderful thing and can sometimes get confused with being "obsessed".

So I hope that cleared up some misconceptions about fangirls. To summarise fangirls are passionate not obsessive, caring and being happy for your idols is a good quality and it's good to have role models who take their position seriously!

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