Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Life Update


Just an update post today as I am in the middle of my end of year exams and have absolutely no time or patience to do a complicated post. So here's some of the things I've been doing recently.

Recently I was in a play called Blue Remembered Hills as part of my drama GCSE course. I played Audrey and it went really well. I'm so proud of how hard our group worked. Another play I'm about to perform is the Importance of being Earnest where I play Reverend Chasuble! In a few weeks I'm doing my Grade 6 LAMDA exam; I'm doing two monologues, one from Twelfth Night and one from the Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

I'm currently in the middle of exams week! They aren't GCSEs or anything but I've still had to work really hard recently. I'm doing all the normal exams, Biology, Maths, Physics, English etc plus RE, Drama, Mandarin, Latin and History.

Random Favourites
I've been loving 5 Seconds of Summer recently, especially as their new EP, Don't Stop, has just come out! My favourite song of their's is Try Hard which is on the new EP! I've also been loving Connor Franta's YouTube videos, they never fail to put a smile on my face and always cheer me up! His twitter (@connorfranta) is also awesome so go check that out!

That's it for today!
See you soon!
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  1. I love 5SOS and Connor too!! I'm so excited for the 5SOS album. Good luck on exams!


    1. Same! I'm so glad they are having so much success, they seem like such lovely lads :)


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