Sunday, 14 September 2014

Being Healthy


I've been thinking a lot recently about whether I am a "healthy" person or not. I am not sick or ill in any way but I've been wondering whether I eat healthily enough or do enough exercise. This is something I've seen a lot around the internet whether it's "fitspiration" blogs or the "not caring" trend that some teens fall into. So I decided to write a blog about it! Before I start please note that this is only my opinion on this topic and by all means not the only opinion on this!

First let's talk about the different attitudes I've seen around the internet. There are many blogs around that promote healthy eating and exercise which I love. However I don't like it when there is a picture of a beautiful woman with a toned body and the caption is motivation. You should never compare yourself to anyone else, especially when it comes to body image. Everyone is different and some women will never achieve these trivial things like the dreaded "thigh gap"when it comes to being healthy, just focus on you and your own body! 

The other side of the spectrum is those who pride themselves on not caring. They tweet about eating really unhealthily and never exercising. At the moment I'm closer to this attitude than the really healthy one. However it's still not a good thing to boast about being so unhealthy. It's fine to have those days where you only eat McDonalds but it shouldn't get to be a lifestyle. It's a matter of looking after your body and thinking about all the health problems that come with a diet of fatty foods.

My advice for finding a balance in all this is to think about how you fit into all this and adapt to your lifestyle, making little changes to improve it. Take me for an example, I do very little sport so I've made a point of  doing little exercises like squats or situps. It makes me feel good even if its just 20 a day. The only problem with this that I've found is that I do it everyday religiously then quit if I miss a day. I've learnt that keeping up a healthy lifestyle has to be flexible and a long term journey! I also try to snack less and substitute unhealthy snacks with tasty alternatives like fruit. Another important thing to remember is to make sure that you enjoy these steps to be healthy, for example I usually don't like to do heavy exercise like running so I find alternatives that I do enjoy. However I still eat unhealthy but delicious foods many times a week. In fact at the time of writing, I've just had a pizza from Dominoes! I am trying to cut down slowly but I try not to deny myself what I love (pizza and chocolate). It's a long and slow journey but hopefully it will be worth it! Another thing I've been doing is drinking lots and lots of water!

My goal is to be proud of my body and lifestyle, I don't compare myself to others and I don't worry myself with weight and dress sizes. Overall I strive to feel good in my own skin which is key to being confident and happy in life! I'm just starting to make changes to my lifestyle so I am in no way qualified to give advice about this sort of thing. I would recommend checking out Ingrid Nilsen's YouTube channel, MissGlamorazzi, for lot's of healthy recipes as well as awesome fashion and beauty videos! Also Zoella just put up a new video called Little Ways To Change Your Life that outlines some fab ways to live healthy!

Phew! That was such a long post, hope you liked it!
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