Monday, 25 August 2014

CarFest 2014


I went to CarFest at the weekend, a family festival for Children In Need hosted by Chris Evans. I had an absolute ball and would love to go again next year. It was unlike any other festival I've been to before and it felt like we were all part of something really special. This is actually my second year at CarFest but it was so much more enjoyable this year!


First on Friday was the live recording of the One Show on BBC1 with Fearne Cotton and Chris Evans. The guests were TV chefs, James Martin and Paul Hollywood. I have to admit, I was very excited to see Paul and Fearne! It was so interesting to watch the rehearsal and how much is improvised on the real show. Later on Eliza Doolittle took to the stage with such hits as Pack Up, Skinny Genes and Big When I Was Little. Next came Si Cranstoun, up and coming singer, invited by Chris at the last minute. My mum has loved his song "Caught In The Moonlight ever since it hit the radio stations so we were all so excited to see him.  Headlining was Erasure, an 80s synthpop duo, who we didn't stick around for.


The great thing about this festival is that it's so vibrant and friendly. There's always something to do or see and we explored this on Saturday afternoon. There were some cool air displays from stunt planes and even an Apache helicopter. the main event going on during the day was the car show. There were so many different cars, from supercars to a motorised sofa! My favourites were the film cars, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the DeLorean from Back to the Future. The army were also there, parading their huge monsters of cars.

Later that evening came artists such as the Bootleg Beetles (a Beatles tribute band), Jack Savoretti and Bellowhead. All very different but no doubt brilliant. In between sets one of the guys who worked behind the scenes at the festival actually got up on stage to propose to his girlfriend! (She said yes) Next came the absolute legend that is Seasick Steve, returning for the second year running. His performance was so good in fact that Chris came on stage at the end of his set to swear him in as the President of CarFest! Next was Toploader, an alternative rock band most famous for "Dancing in The Moonlight". One of the highlights of the whole weekend was seeing the Red Arrows do a 20 minute routine. They were stunning and their moves were breathtaking. I felt so patriotic! Headlining Saturday night was the phenomenal Kaiser Chiefs. I only know their frontman Ricky Wilson from The Voice and I certainly didn't know he was so brilliant live! He had bundles of energy, charm and charisma, climbing up the sides of the stage and even up onto one of the cars up on a podium. He even completed the Ice Bucket Challenge during his last song! I was grinning and dancing for hours after their set.


We watched lots of events at the Showground on Sunday afternoon, including sheep racing, army dog displays and the wonderful Red Barrows. They are a group of men and boys of all ages who perform hilariously sarcastic "barrowbatique" routines with wheelbarrows. I even got a selfie with one of them! Later on was the Cakes vs Pies competition the main stage with my favourite people in the world, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from the Great British Bake Off. They were judging some of the best cakes and pies that were brought to the festival. The winner was Cakes represented by a marbled Pudsey cake, baked by a little girl.

The first musical act was Texas,who headlined last year but decided to start the evening off this year. They were amazing and really got the party started. Next was the beautiful Nell Bryden and then it was time for 10cc. They were brilliant and their acapella version of Donna was fabulous. Then came The Feeling and Sophie Ellis Bextor, both amazing. I'm running out of adjectives to describe the artists now because they were all so good. I've actually seen 10cc, The Feeling and Sophie Ellis Bextor before at Cornbury but I felt they all enjoyed this one a lot more as it's for Children In Need. The last act of the festival was Jamie Cullum, who was brilliant too, especially when Chris requested he sing New York New York to close the festival.

I had a truly wonderful time at CarFest. Thank you so much, Chris Evans for being so wonderful and making it all possible. It's so great that we can raise lots and lots of money for Children In Need by organising something as brilliant as CarFest.

See you soon!


  1. wow! you had so interesting week! love it ! :))
    keep in touch sweety

  2. lovely post! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and saw/heard a lot of cool people sing! you got some very good photos too, seems like you were quite close to them! Abi :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was really lucky!


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