Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Teen Choice Awards Fashion Review


Sunday night was the Teen Choice Awards in LA. I didn't actually get to see the ceremony as I live in the UK and couldn't find it on TV but I did see the pictures from the red carpet. So I thought I'd go through some of the styles on show and review them!

Taylor Swift - Hit

The biggest trend this year was definitely crop tops paired with skirts. Taylor definitely nailed this trend with a cute green ensemble. It looked suitably dressy for an awards ceremony but kept it fresh, fun and youthful. I don't know why she went for yellow shoes though, they don't seem to fit.

Kim Kardashian - Miss

Kim gave the crop top and skirt trend a go but got it horribly wrong. I really don't like the use of leather on the red carpet (see this post). Don't even get me started on her skirt (zebra print? Really?) , I don't understand why she would wear such a tacky outfit. Sack the stylist Kim.

Sarah Hyland - Hit

As host, Sarah Hyland wore a total of four outfits in the show and the red carpet! I absolutely love her first black sparkly number, she looked so glamourous! All of her outfits were adorable and showcased her tiny figure. I also love her in Modern Family.

Shailene Woodley - Miss

As much as I love Shai, this look is really not working for her. It looks like someone stapled random bits of carpet to her dress. However she and TFIOS won so many awards during the ceremony that I think I'll forgive her for her fashion misdemeanors.

Bethany Mota - Hit

Bethany is known for her awesome style advice on her YouTube channel so it's no wonder she looked amazing on the red carpet. I love her floral dress, it's cute and girly, perfect for Beth. She actually picked up an award with Tyler Oakley for Male and Female Webstar! I'm so proud of them, just having a category is a huge win for Team Internet! 

That's all for today! Let me know what you thought of these outfits down in the comments! 



  1. Great post! I agree with all your 'hit' and 'misses'! I love Taylors green dress! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I don't normally take interest in 'red carpet' fashion but Taylor Swifts look caught my eye too. I love the outfit and she just looks flawless Gisforgingers xx


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