Sunday, 21 September 2014

15 Things I've Learnt In 15 Years


My birthday was on Friday so I am now 15! I don't even feel 14 so I really can't believe I've lived 15 years. It got me thinking, what have I actually learnt as a person throughout these years? I've never really done a personal post before so today I'm going to go through 15 things I've learnt in 15 years.

1) Hard work does pay off

2) Don't waste a whole year obsessing over a rubbish band (I'm talking Jedward here, but let's not get into that)

3)Don't believe everything you hear/read

4)A purple clown wig is not your signature style

5)Appreciate what you have now but be open to change

6)Make the effort to find that silver lining

7)Kindles and iPhones are very fragile

8)Don't fret over the small things

9)Leg warmers are not your signature style either

10)Life isn't going to be easy, but that's okay

11)Not everyone will understand you (and your love of wooden ducks) but that's okay too

12)Have a good life, you've only got one

13)Audrey Hepburn  has a lot of wisdom, so follow her advice

14)Don't change who you are, not for anyone

15)If you want to try something new (like starting a blog), go for it!

See you soon!


  1. Lovely post! Agree with a lot of points! Abi :)

  2. Hello beautiful. I nominated you for The Liebster Award! Go to this link for more information :)


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