Friday, 26 September 2014

Letter To My Future Self


As I have recently turned 15, I've been thinking a lot about where I will be in 5 years time, when I'm 20. I've seen a few of these posts flying around and they've all been so lovely and interesting. So here is my letter to my 20 year old self!

Dear Hattie/Harriet

How are you? It's strange to think about myself as a 20 year old, especially when I still feel about 13! What are you doing right now? I assume you are at university by now, hopefully studying something like journalism? Do you still want to work in the BBC? Right now I'm really not sure what I'm going to end up doing! Do you have a job? Do you remember when you worked at Oxfam on Saturday afternoons? I've been doing that for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it!

Do you still have the same friends from school or are you with a completely different bunch? I hope you're still friends with Evie, Becca, Maizey and Téa, they are a really lovely people! I don't mean to be awkward but do you have a boyfriend? Remember when you swore you'd marry Troy Bolton? Well right now it's Connor Franta but I don't plan on snapping out of this phase anytime soon.

I hope you still act, it's one of the only hobbies you really threw yourself into. Did you get a main role in the school plays in 6th Form? Do you still define yourself as a bookworm? We both know how escapism is one of the best remedies. What are you reading right now? Right now I'm making my way through The Understudy by David Nicholls. Do you remember how long it took you to read Emma?

Do you still blog? It probably looks very different from the way it looks now! If not, then I have to ask why? Remember the joy you got from writing and how thrilled you were when you started to receive comments on it? You love the blogging community, why not dive back in again? It makes me sad to think that some of the things that make you happy now, won't be a part of your life in a few years.

Above all, I'm most interested in your happiness. I really hope you are content in your life, wherever you are, whoever you're with, none of it matters as long as you are happy. Remember all the inspirational quotes you had saved on your phone? Don't forget to follow those every once in a while. I feel like your mother, reminding you to eat healthily and don't give up on what you love! But seriously, this is 15 year old you reminding you to have a great life!

See you soon!


  1. This is such a beautiful post! I love the last paragraph especially! Abi :)

  2. Hi! Firstly happy birthday! It terrifies me to think where I'll be in five years! I'm sort of considering journalism but I'm so unsure of what I want to do :O


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