Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Favourite School Films


We've made it through the first week of school! I think we all deserve a film night this weekend so I thought I'd make a list of my favourite films set in schools.

Mean Girls

A classic teen movie, Mean Girls has proved to still be relevant 10 years on. Tina Fey's writing is so iconic that her gags are still being referenced all the time. It's also a throwback to when Lindsay Lohan was at the height of her career and features one of my favourite actresses Rachel McAdams as the formidable Regina George. Watch this for plenty of giggles and amazing one liners!


One of the classic high school films, this film is very 90s! Cher is the privileged high school student who gives new student, Tai, a makeover to boost her popularity. I love this film because it's light and fluffy, perfect for girly nights in.


I grew up watching this and I know all the songs off by heart. I saw this on Broadway when I was younger and have loved it ever since. It follows Danny, Sandy and their friends as they embark on their senior year of high school. It's a great film for a sing song and makes you wish you lived in the 50s!

High School Musical

I couldn't make this list without including High School Musical. It was a massive part of my childhood and I think it sparked my love of musical theatre. People sniff at it but I think you should embrace your embarrassing past loves!

21 Jump Street

This isn't your typical school movie! It's about two young cops who go undercover in a high school to bust a new drug that is being circulated. The stars, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the perfect duo and I was in fits of laughter all the way through. It passes the 6 laugh test with flying colours! 

Dead Poets Society

A very different kind of film to the rest, this one is about a boarding school that gets a new English teacher (Robin Williams). He captures the student's imagination through poetry and they decide to restart the Dead Poets Society. I love this film, though it did make me cry for ages afterwards!

Perks of Being a Wallflower

I actually read the book before watching the film (the correct order!) and I loved both forms. It's about Charlie and his friends in his first year at high school. It's darker and more thoughtful than the other high school movies on this list. Emma Watson is wonderful in this and the film makes some important points about love and life.

That concludes the list for today, let me know your faves down in the comments!

See you soon!


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