Friday, 24 October 2014

Book Reviews - Gone Girl + The Understudy


I've been meaning to do more book reviews on this blog so here are my thoughts on two books that I have recently read!

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

This book has created such a buzz in the literary world in the past few years; the film adaption has just come out starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I felt like I had to see what all the fuss was about and pick up the book from my school library. On Amy and Nick's fifth anniversary, Amy goes missing. With a seemingly staged crime scene in their living room and mopped up blood in the kitchen, all fingers point towards Nick. He swears their relationship was fine but the media is turning on him and his portrayal of the anguished husband is unconvincing.

I was thoroughly impressed with this book from start to finish. I've read a few books with some pretty tense, twisting plotlines, but none as well written and exciting as this! There were too many revelations and sudden plot twists to count, though the main one was introduced earlier than I would have expected. I love how Gillian Flynn plays with your perceptions of Nick and Amy, even at the end I wasn't quite sure how I felt about each of them. Nick is an especially interesting character, during his narrative you are never quite sure whether you can trust him. Gone Girl explores their marriage psychologically, examining how they reacted to each other's "real" selves. The ending was not as explosive as I had expected and I'm still not sure whether it provided closure. It's been a while since I physically could not put down a book as the temptation to read on was too great. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a passion for thrillers or murder mysteries. Definitely one of the best books I have read in the last few years!

The Understudy - David Nicholls

I really love David Nicholls writing; One Day is one of my all time favourite books (review here), however I wasn't sure whether this would be as brilliant. Stephen McQueen is a distastrously unsuccessful actor who is stuck playing dead bodies and being an understudy to Hollywood superstar, Josh Harper. His life is a disaster which only gets worse when he falls for Josh's gorgeous wife, Nora.

This was a really fun, light read and I really enjoyed it. Steve's life is comically hopeless but he's so lovable that you keep rooting for him to succeed even when everything is falling apart. If there's one thing that David Nicholls does really well, it's creating likeable characters. The scenes between Nora and Steve are my favourites as the dialogue is witty and Steve is really at his happiest. My only criticism would be that Steve's constant failings got pretty depressing after a while. I've always wanted to go into acting so to hear all these ways which things can go wrong is so disheartening. Despite that, I really enjoyed it!

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  1. I'm reading Gone Girl right now, only 3 chapters in it's so gripping and good - love it! Abi :)

  2. I was thinking about reading Gone Girl, I think you've convinced me! and Love David Nicholls, might give The Understudy a go too. Nice post x


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