Monday, 20 October 2014

Why I Love The West End

The West End is a truly magical place. Every night, stories unfold in splendour, actors get their big break and countless audiences fall in love with the captivating characters. The moment you step inside a theatre, you are transported to another world, where anything can happen! You only watch for a few hours but in that time your perceptions can be changed, your imagination broadened and your world transformed. You may watch an inspiring tale of one witch's fight for acceptance or a happy-go-lucky jukebox musical that's sure to make you feel good. You might even see a thought-provoking play about one boy and his mystery. Whatever you see, you are guaranteed an unforgettable night when you go to the West End.
My personal experience with the West End started with Mary Poppins when I was 5. Laura Michelle Kelly dazzled as the magic nanny, from that moment on I dreamed of being a leading lady like her.  I would play that soundtrack non-stop, it drove my family crazy but I wanted to be transported back to that night. 10 years later and my passion for musical theatre hasn’t faded. I recently saw Matilda and was stunned by the talent of the young stars. The set was spectacular and the characters unexpectedly hilarious. Nothing’s changed, I still play the soundtrack to be reminded of that night. That’s what is so special about the West End, you want to relive the performances again and again.

Plays are just as brilliant. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time simply mesmirising to watch,  the whole production was stunning and challenged your perceptions of autism. Now I can afford to watch amazing National Theatre productions from the comfort of my local cinema. Stars like Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller, Cary Mulligan and Bill Nighy perform to thousands across the country. The intimate feeling and energy of live theatre in the West End is unmatched however.

Theatre is one of the greatest forms of escapism. In one evening you meet and grow attached to a group of characters whom you will never forget. In that one evening, those characters will seem like friends or family to you. You will see yourself in the characters, weep when they weep, laugh when they laugh. Theatre gives such joy to so many and the West End is one of the finest districts in the world. That is why I love the West End.

Hattie xo

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  1. I love the west end too! I love musicals! I've seen Lion King twice (woo!) Blood Brothers, Mamma Mia and Cats! Abi :)


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