Sunday, 9 November 2014

Feminism: Why It's Important Today


I class myself as a feminist. By that I mean I believe in gender equality. I find that a lot of people shy away from the term feminist but still support equality, which doesn't quite make sense. Shailene Woodley made that mistake and when asked if she was a feminist she replied "No because I love men", she has since learned that feminism means equality for both men and women. The term isn't that important but it does help to unite people who believe in gender equality and want to try to achieve it.

I won't  dwell on the common misconception that feminists are "man haters" because it makes me angry, but also because Emma Watson explained it really well in her UN speech. I'm sure you must have heard of it, as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador she launched the HeForShe campaign with a a very effective speech. She talked about how there is no country in the world that has achieved gender equality yet and how there are still so many issues regarding gender, like unfair wages and the right to an education. She also talked about the social implications of unequality like gender roles, which affect both men and women.

I think it's so important that more people openly support feminism and work to change things. So many women still have a status lower than men and don't have the basic human rights they deserve. It happens in every country, in the UK, though technically illegal women are still paid less than men as a result of loopholes. This may be a result of the overwhelmingly male government but the UK is still a world ahead of others. For example, in Afghanistan 1 in 11 women are sentenced to death at birth and have no medical rights. This may have something to do with their religion but it is a matter of interpretation, I will address this in a further post. It's simply awful that in this modern day women are still suffering because of their gender.

I'd really like to talk a lot more about Feminism on this blog. I've recently started going to my school's FemSoc (feminist society) where we talk about the Patriarchy and how we are all affected by the issues caused by gender inequality. I'm going to leave a few links for you to have a click through regarding feminism in popular culture. 

Rights of Women
Feminism - The Guardian

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