Saturday, 13 December 2014

Little Ways To Boost Your Positivity and Mood


I've wanted to do this post for so long! I've just come out of a period where everything seemed to be happening, I had lots of tests, I didn't have a lot of time to blog and I was feeling rather stressed about it all. These things really helped to get me through it all and I think I was slightly less of a monster to my family!

Find and save inspiring pictures
 I'm on a bit of a positivity kick at the moment ( like you couldn't tell from this post), my camera roll is almost exclusively motivational quotes and pictures. I've just started my Motivational Monday series (which you can find here) so I've found lots of pictures for that, specifically from We Heart It and Pinterest.

Make a Photo Album of things that make you happy
I like to keep pictures of my friends and family in a special folder on my phone so I can look at them whenever I'm down.

Mini rave
Okay this one might sound mad, but sometimes what you really need is a private dance party (like in Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell). My favourite songs for this has to be Shake It Off, She Looks So Perfect and All About That Bass. Just go crazy! 

Appreciate the little (or big) things
If you're feeling particularly poetic, it's soothing to sit and notice things. For example look at the trees and just marvel at how amazing they are or stare at the moon for a while. It's rejuvenating to renew your appreciation for the world and can also de-stress you.

Spread positivity by leaving blog comments
I really started doing this regularly when, during one of the blogger chats, I felt like a few people weren't respecting people's  opinions (including mine) and trying to start arguments unnecessarily. It really bothered me and I was ready to log out of twitter for the night to escape the negativity. However I was reminded that so many bloggers are truly lovely people and I decided to counteract the bad vibes by going on a "compliment spree". I wasn't just writing nice comments without reading the post, these were well earned compliments that I think so many bloggers deserve! There are some amazing bloggers out there that should get more recognition for the quality of their content. Really appreciating that boosts my mood so much!

Have a wonderful week

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