Sunday, 7 December 2014

REVIEW: We Were Liars + E Lockhart Event


On Monday I attended a special Waterstones event to see top Young Adult author, E Lockhart, who wrote We Were Liars. I had just finished it when I was invited (read on for my review) and I was so excited to meet her.

 First she talked about WWL and her new book....... How she came up with the concepts and themes that interested her. She told us about how her untraditional upbringing influenced the character of Cadence and the importance of maps at the front of books! She was so lovely and friendly. She asked for questions but unfortunately I was the only one who had one.  I asked about her process, as We Were Liars bounces back and forth through different years. She replied that she uses a special word processor called Scrivener. She wrote all the fairy tale parts at one time and wrote the rest in chronological order. After that scrivener lets her switch around the parts and rearrange it.

We then had an opportunity to get our books signed and have a chat. The lovely people at Waterstones fed us with adorable cupcakes with the We Were Liars cover on the icing. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Waterstones Cheltenham and Hot Key Books for setting up this amazing event. A big thank you to E Lockhart herself for being so friendly and for writing the book that so many of us love.

We Were Liars is about the Sinclair family (specifically the oldest grandchild, Cadence) and the summers they spend on their private island. I really can't reveal much more than that, if you've read it, you'll know it's hard to not give spoilers. It's a tale of pride, confusion and lies.

I thought it was a very thoughtful, extremely well put together book. The story twists and turns, never failing to surprise you as revelation after revelation comes your way. I loved the use of the extended metaphors, it gave the novel a freshness and set it apart from some of the other YA books I've read. Cadence was a fascinating narrator and the other members of the family were captivating. Overall the story was told in a vivid and exciting way; I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from E Lockhart!

Have a wonderful week!

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