Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Thoughts and Ramblings

I don't really know what to call this post. These past few days I've been itching to write a blog post about the year past, ideas keep popping into my head but I can't quite pin them down to form a full structured post. They seem to appear when I'm doing a boring bit of revision though so maybe my brain is just grasping onto whatever it can to distract me from important quantative chemistry. Anyway I'm going to just throw all these thoughts into one post and see if it makes sense!

This year has been pretty amazing for me, there's no doubt about that. I've been to China, seen my favourite artists perform, expanded my blog, made new friends (especially Jazz and everyone I've spoken to on twitter) and grown even closer to old ones (Becca, Eves and Maizey - ultimate faves). For that I am so grateful and 2015 will always stick in my memory as an incredible year, mainly because there have been so many brilliant days. 

I've changed so much this year, there are so many little details that I can pick out and say "I'm a lot better at that now". I'm going to share some of those now because I'm proud of them and they deserve to be documented!

1) My writing has improved. I've had a lot more opportunities to write reviews and still kept up this blog so I hope practice has made it a lot better. The main sign of improvement is that when someone from school says they've read a post, I don't cringe in embarrassment! (trust me that is a HUGE achievement) 

2) I am more confident in public. I have my volunteering slots at Oxfam to thank for this, who knew that speaking to strangers on the till every week would one day feel natural and comfortable for me? This is one of those milestones that make me feel like adult life won't be so hard after all ... except for the whole student debt, taxes, paying bills things... hmmm...

3) I look better. I don't mean that I'm suddenly ten times more attractive but this year I feel like I've finally got a grip on makeup, even dabbling in winged eyeliner which was a complete no-go last year. My hair is finally in a style that suits me and I think I've figured out my dress sense too. I feel like I put more effort into my appearance which really helps as I used to feel so self conscious all the time. 

I don't really have any blog goals for 2016 because I will probably just underestimate the amount of work I have to do for school. When I'm older and have more time I will definitely push myself to promote more and post more regularly. For now I'm happy slowly increasing followers and just maintaining the content that I love.

Have a wonderful 2016!
Hattie xo 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

♥ What I Got For Christmas 2015 ♥

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a marvellous 25th of December and a pretty great Boxing Day too. Mine was really lovely and filled with awesome food and fabulous people. I also happened to be really lucky with gifts this year and hopefully the ones I gave were appreciated too. You might want to click off this post if you dislike people sharing what they were given but I personally love reading these sorts of posts because I'm a nosy little elf.

I won't go through everything but my favourite gifts include Adele's new album 25, the new Radio 1 Live Lounge compilation and a No 7 Makeup Brush Set, which are my first ever brushes that aren't stolen from my mum! I also received some beautiful Colouring Books and Pencils, that are sure to keep my stress levels down during the revision season this spring. I'm so excited to fill in my Literary Listography and One Page at a Time books and use all the amazing products in my Lush Snow Fairy Castle box. My favourite presents of all have to be my fluffy New Look Dressing Gown, a mini Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume and my gorgeous Olivia Burton Watch.

Thank you to anyone who gave me a gift, I feel so grateful and lucky! Link me to your own posts in the comments, I honestly love reading these posts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hattie xo

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last Minute Gift Guide | Mates

Christmas is so near now that if you don't have your shopping done, time is running out! If there's still some bits and bobs to pick up for your friends, don't worry, I've got your back with this little gift guide for those awesome pals in your life! I've already exchanged gifts with my friends as I'm not going to see them again before the big day, so these gifts are a mixture of what I gave them and the amazing gifts that I received.

1. "Eat Sleep Blog Repeat" Makeup Bag/ Pencil Case. This is such a cute gift for your best blogging pal. My class secret santa bought this for me and I love it so much as it's obvious that thought went into it (I'm pretty sure I'm the only blogger in my class?). This is from Jim Chapman's range of stationary, James and Friends; all of the products are brilliant and you can never have enough stationary right? 

2. Hozier CD. In this age of streaming and having the painful choice of forking out a tenner for offline music every month or praying for a good 4G connection on the bus, it's really nice to actually own music, especially when its a whole album. It's also really lovely to actually have a physical copy of your fave album. I bought this for my friend Becca and I really hope she likes it!

3. Lush Goodies. When in present buying doubt, go to Lush. It's an amazing brand that makes the coolest products that I'm sure many people will really appreciate. I really love it when you can smell your present even before you even open it! Just remember to check if your friend has sensitive skin before buying them bath and shower stuff.

4. Brussels Sprouts Novelty Earrings (Claires). I have been wearing these non stop since I was given them last week, partly because I don't have any other festive earrings but mainly because they are so much fun! Novelty jewellery is great for when you don't quite feel like going all in with a jumper but still want to make the effort to be festive, plus they are an amazing conversation starter.

5. Makeup Revolution Palette. When I first saw Makeup Revolution's beautiful palette range and their price tags, I was a little confused and a tiny bit suspicious. They seemed too good to be true, but it seems to get pretty good reviews online so my doubts were disproved. The Iconic Palettes are also amazing dupes for some of the Naked series from Urban Decay! They make really cute gifts for any makeup lover that you know.

Merry Christmas folks! I hope I've helped a little bit, even though this blog post is really late. May your last minute shopping be stress-free and your Christmas Day unforgettable!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Hattie xo

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Christmas Tag


The lovely Sara at About Little Things tagged me to do this tag about 2 weeks ago so I'm sorry I've taken so long to get it written! It's such a cute tag, thank you so much for tagging me, you can find her post here. She's awesome and I'm convinced we look really similar so go have a nose round her blog. 

1. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love the lead up to the 25th, putting up the tree, watching christmas specials of all my favourite shows, seeing beautiful displays in shops and hotels. I love those weeks just before Christmas, when the festiveness creeps into your daily life and reminds you of the happiness it brings to so many people all over the country! Don't get me wrong, the actual day is incredible but I'd have to say my favourite bit is the slow build up to Christmas Day.

2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Love Actually is awesome because of the phenomenal cast and Richard Curtis' brilliant writing. Bill Nighy, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson? We're absolutely spoiled for British talent in this film. Though we'll forget about Andrew Lincoln's character because frankly its a little rude to try and woo your best friend's wife....

3. Real tree or fake tree?

We tried a real one for one year but it's just too messy for us! Fake ones are so much less stressful and look just as pretty. It's also nice that we use the same one every year and they last a long time.

4. Giving presents or receiving them?

My immediate thought was that receiving is way better but this year I have bought so many presents for other people, my gift giving skills have leveled up! It's only recently that I've really got into buying other people thoughtful presents. It makes me so happy to give someone a personal gift and see their face when they open it. I love it when someone does the same for me too! 

5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?

Morning! Always done it that way and it makes Christmas Eve even more exciting.

6. What tops your tree?

An angel, with a gold star sitting a little way down.

7. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I think everyone went through that phase where they really wanted a horse for Christmas. I didn't even like horses that much but I still wanted one because I read one book where a girl got a pony for Christmas and had amazing adventures with it!

8. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I think I'll get into Christmas cards much more when I'm older but I like the cute cards from online shops like thatlamecompany and Sighh. They are really unique and artsy so they look more personal but you don't have to fuss with glitter making your own!

9. What's your favourite Christmas food?

Pigs in blankets all the way. It's not Christmas without them and there's usually a fight over them at the dinner table! Also Terry's Chocolate Oranges are very christmassy to me and they are just the best food ever. 

10. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

It's not a strict tradition but its always nice to get a take away with the family. Usually there's a Christmas film on so we'll curl up and watch that too!

I would like to tag:
Aisling @ Aisling's Beauty Bytes
Daisy @ Prompts By Dee
Amie @ The Curvaceous Vegan

Also anyone reading this! Make sure you send me a link of your posts as I'd love to read them!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Perfect Winter Night In


It's time to dig out the baubles and stick on the Michael Buble Christmas album because December is finally here! While I do love Autumn, I've been getting into the Christmassy mood for the past few weeks because it's just the best part of the entire year. Even though I'll be revising through the holidays, I'm so excited to spend lots of time with my family and spend hours reading in front of the fire. The nights are getting so dark and I end up wanting to curl up on the sofa when it's only 5 o'clock. Staying home in comfy clothes is the best thing ever on a cold night so here's my favourite ingredients for a perfect wintery night in!

Christmas/Seasonal Jumper. They're warm, huge and appropriately cheesy for when only your closest friends (and assorted followers) can see you! Bonus points for cute animals or witty slogans.
My pick - New Look Seasons Tweetings Jumper

Fluffy Slippers. These are essentials for winter and yes, I am an 80 year old woman.
Look how cute these bunny slippers are though!

Social Media. What's the use in having an amazing night in if you can't tell all your followers about it ;) Nights are made better by hilarious buzzfeed posts and your friends commentary during Strictly.
I've been obsessed with adorable phone cases recently and this one from Sighh is my absolute favourite!

Colouring Book (or similar de-stressing activity). I don't actually own one of these yet but I love the idea of them. If you don't like colouring, then hobbies such as knitting or crochet could be just as relaxing. It's nice because they must be so soothing to do, yet you don't feel like you're being unproductive.
This Harry Potter book is so beautiful, I need it in my life!

Bath/Shower Products. There's nothing like the feeling of hot water when it's chilly outside. It's the perfect time to indulge yourself with amazing bath bombs or body butters. 
I am way behind in the blogger hype because I've never actually tried Lush's Snow Fairy Shower Gel but I'm dying to buy some! 

Chocolate. Fact: Christmas chocolate is the best chocolate. I'm talking Chocolate Oranges, selection boxes and of course, advent calendar chocs. Winter is coming, we need all the extra food we can get!
Roses are my personal fave selection boxes, let me know what yours is in the comments!

What are your essentials for a night in? Do we share any of the same ones? Let me know!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Experience Volunteering in a Charity Bookshop


As some of you may know, I volunteer at an Oxfam bookshop every Saturday afternoon. I started about a year and 4 months ago and never thought that I would still be here, volunteering every week. I feel like it's had a massive effect on my confidence and turned me into the sort of person that doesn't freak out when she has to talk to a stranger. Despite it being a pretty regular part of my life, I've never really talked about it on here so I thought I'd write a post about my experience working in a charity shop!

It's a strange thing to go from only really having conversations with people who are fixed in your life, like friends, family and teachers, to having to engage with lots and lots of new people in a relatively short space of time. I started working on the till fairly early and I had to quickly learn how to speak to customers, helping them find a book or just ringing up their purchases. By watching other volunteers I managed to figure out how the whole customer service thing worked and developed my smiley, enthusiastic persona that I could switch on for Saturday afternoons. Don't get me wrong I am a cheerful sort of person anyway, you've probably seen that on this blog, but it's not so easy to do this in front of strangers  Even in the first few weeks when I was terrified of messing up on the till, I would pretend to be this confident version of myself and that seemed to work out pretty well. 

 After a while this persona started to leak into other parts of my life, I would be more confident to speak to shop assistants and I was a lot less socially awkward in other areas too. Then as I begun to get quicker on the till and get used to the regular customers, I realised that I wasn't scared of messing up anymore and that the confidence I was showing was genuine. Never in my life had I felt like I could actually do something that was useful in the real world and I've even been teaching the newer volunteers how to do things in the shop.

Actually working in the shop is pretty cool. So many interesting people come in, with friends and families. The fact that it's a charity shop means that we have all sorts of unusual and rare books that people with unique interests can fall in love with. It's awesome to see people get so excited about books or records and when it's all for charity it just feels a lot better. I love seeing those people who come in every Saturday without fail and noticing different things about customers like the way they act around their children or head to the same section every single week. It's the small little things that make me smile, like hearing a dad read to his children from one of our books, doing the different voices to make them laugh, engaging in conversation with one of the older customers or seeing someone find the perfect gift for a loved one. 

It's made me appreciate people a whole lot more. Despite all that's rubbish in this world (and nowadays it seems like a lot) there are still lovely people who empty their change purses into our appeal box and strike up a conversation with another customer who has read the same book. Sure you get some oddballs and grouchy people who can't seem to understand that it is completely acceptable to charge 5p for a bag! However, the majority are all so nice and make me believe that this human race of ours is actually flipping awesome! 

If you're the sort of person that smiles back at a total stranger, I love and appreciate you. 

Obviously only do this if you feel comfortable, you are not obligated to do anything, especially when it's a creepy man on the street who tells you to smile. If you're having a good day, smile at a waiter at a restaurant, a cashier at a supermarket or a bus driver, it might just make their day a little happier!

Working in a charity shop is so rewarding and it's an amazing way to give back if you have the time spare. I'd highly recommend looking into it or even just visiting your own local charity shops now and again, you'll be surprised at what you can find in there!

What are your favourite charity shops? Have you ever volunteered before? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Sunday, 15 November 2015

♥ 14 Thoughts You Have While Revising ♥


I hope you're having a good afternoon! A lot of you have probably sat many exams in your time, GCSE's, A Levels, uni finals etc. Unless you can magically come up with all the answers on the spot without looking through your notes (if so please teach me your ways), you will most certainly have gone through the stress of revision. I'm currently revising for my GCSE mocks because I am just a little Year 11 and have yet to even decide what A Levels I want to do, let alone how I am going to spend my existence on this planet... Okay, let's rewind back to the revision part... I've been revising quite a bit recently and I've noticed several things that always pop into my head when I'm trying to concentrate so I thought I'd share those with you with the hope that I'm not the only one!

"Before I start, I'd better make sure that every single pencil is sharpened and every single pen works, I've been meaning to get rid of all these rubbish biro pens anyway..."

"I can't work without a cup of tea, I'll just pop down and make one, maybe grab a biscuit or five to keep me going ..."

"I need to make a revision playlist, it's not as if I can work in silence right?"

"Okay proper work, right ... Where on earth did that pen go? I was literally just holding it! Ugh ..."

"I could start this in my pretty new notebook ... but I don't want to ruin it with my messy notes ... I'll just do it in my boring plain one ..."

"These revision notes will be my neatest ever, let's go ..."

"Why don't I own any decent highlighters? This would be so much more fun if I had highlighters ..."

"I'll just keep Twitter open on my laptop while I work, just in case anything important pops up. Ooh Buzzfeed just tweeted an article called "24 Times Dogs Were Too Good For Us", I need that sort of content in my life. What if I forget to revisit it later? Oh I'd better quickly scroll through it ...

"When did we learn this? Was I ill? I'll have to completely relearn this, ugh ..."

"Oooh "23 Times Being A Twentysomething Was Perfectly Summed Up By Crap Taxidermy", I have to click that, even though I am not a twentysomething and have never ventured into the taxidermy world before, I'm sure it will be awesome. *20 minutes later* That was SO worth it ... the internet is a magical place ... I should probably get back to my work now ..."

"I know this topic! I'll do some practice questions on it ... *10 minutes later* okay so I probably know 25% of it ..."

"Is it time for another cup of tea? I think so ..."

"Wow this handwriting has rapidly deteriorated..."

"I'll just take a quick break, maybe scroll through a few blog posts *an hour later* Round Two, let's go!"

I hope you could relate to some of these thoughts!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lunchtime Lists | The Last One


We made it! (kind of) I managed 5 posts in 7 days and I'm pretty happy with that! Daily blogging is actually really fun and it felt great to have so many posts up around the same time but I couldn't do it all the time! I have so much respect for those who do manage to write awesome posts everyday. So to round things up this Lunchtime Lists post contains not only one but four lists of some current favourites of mine!

West End Shows
Kinky Boots
Les Miserables

Things to Look Forward to
Christmas! (despite the mocks revision)
Made in the AM by One Direction coming out
A long awesome summer once GCSE's are over
I'm a Celebrity starting again (hopefully with good celebrities, please ITV?)
All the things that haven't even been planned yet!

Jemma @ Dorkface (whose Friday Fives series inspired this list series of mine!)
Kayleigh @ Very Berry Cosmo
Vicky @Vix Meldrew

Chris Pratt
Amy Poehler
Paul Rudd
Meryl Streep
Emma Stone

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Saturday, 7 November 2015

3 Awesome Books For Autumn 2015


My fourth post in this Lunchtime List series is all about my book recommendations for the colder months ahead! There's nothing like curling up with a book on a chilly day.

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell. I absolutely adored this book, it gave me all the feels! If you've read Fangirl, it's basically the Simon Snow book that Rainbow always wanted to write, not Cath's or Gemma T Leslie's though. It's so awesome and shippers of Simon and Baz will not be disappointed!

I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai. I haven't actually finished this book yet but so far I am loving it! It's shocking, inspiring and just incredible. I would highly recommend it!

Dangerous Lies - Becca Fitzpatrick. This book was so exciting and dramatic, the twists and turns had me hooked and I couldn't put it down! It's not actually out yet but I was sent it by the Guardian Book Club to review so keep an eye out for it arriving on shelves soon!

What books have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day!
Hattie xo

Thursday, 5 November 2015

9 Types of People You See on Twitter


I am on Twitter a lot, I'm not always tweeting but I'm usually scrolling through my feed. So in my experience I've noticed that there are quite a few recognisable types of people...

That person whose tweets make absolutely no sense at all but nobody ever calls them out on it. 

That person who is so effortlessly cool and aware that you can spend hours scrolling through their tweets hoping some of it will rub off on you. You can't decide whether you want to be them or be their best friend but a fave from them would mean the world.

That person who brings a smile to your face due to their colourful profile picture and awesome use of emojis

That person who tweets things that seriously offend others and fiercely defend it as "just their opinion!" You have a right to an opinion but it doesn't mean you should publish it knowing that it will deeply hurt someone else. To be honest, a lot of these "opinions" involve not treating others with the basic human decency that they deserve so we can safely say these people are getting unfollowed.

The person whose tweets are so damn #relatable you have to physically restrain yourself from retweeting more than 5 a day. 

That person who is Twitter best friends with just about everyone due their incredibly lovely nature.

That person who you know so much about from their tweets but you've never even spoken.

The person who tweets lyrics all the time. Are they going through these dramas in real life? Or do they just love Kelly Clarkson that much?

The person who retweets all your tweets and often sends you sarcastic comments and cat videos on dm ... Oh wait that's just my mum ... ;)

Have I missed any out? Leave your twitter in the comments so I can follow you!

Have a wonderful day!
Hattie xo

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

11 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist


My second post in my Lunchtime List series is all about why I am a feminist! Obviously there are so many reasons and these are just a selection of the ones I think are really important.

Because opportunities are still limited to women all across the globe, especially non-white women.

Because trans women are real women (no matter what you say Germaine Greer) and so many don't even understand the concept of gender, causing gender queer individuals to be constantly alienated and not treated with respect.

Because there is still a pay gap between men and women that is just unnecessary, it doesn't make sense so why is it still a thing? Also, when people talk about it they tend to forget that the gap is even bigger for women of colour.

Because many don't want important decisions regarding her own health and body to be in the hands of the woman herself but in the hands of male strangers.

Because we should be teaching people not to sexualise young girls by sending them home because what they are wearing is "distracting boys from learning", showing that boys' education is prioritised over girls'.

Because in some countries girls like Malala Yousafzai are shot for simply going to school.

Because both men and women are held to ridiculous gender roles. Why live by outdated rules that men should be the wage earner and women's primary focus should be to find a husband and have children? There are so many other things that are unnecessarily gendered like colours, clothing and sports. Bacon rolls not gender roles people!

Because women shouldn't have to feel afraid when they walk down their own street at night.

Because consent is not taught to young people and rape culture is very real.

Because it takes effort to get rid of the internalised misogyny that society has built into me. I will get there but some don't even notice it. Please read this blog post about it!

Because I hope to raise children in a more equal and safe society.

Have a wonderful day!
Hattie xo

Monday, 2 November 2015

My Top 7 Things To Watch On Netflix | Lunchtime Lists


It's been pretty hard to be properly looking after my blog in the past few months as I'm now in Year 11 and my mocks are getting closer. I'd love to be putting up posts regularly and actually using Twitter effectively. I've been doing my best to get a post up roughly weekly but I'd love to be able to do more. I'm writing this while on holiday to sunny Rhodes in Greece so I decided to use this time to push the amount of content on my blog by writing a week's worth of posts. 5 daily posts, all lists, published at 1:00. I'm going to call it "Lunchtime Lists" - original I know... So let's get into the first list!

Suits. As I've mentioned before, my current love has been Suits. It filled the law drama shape hole in my soul that the Good Wife left but it's somehow even better. It's sharp, exciting and the central characters are distinct and memorable. It's a really good watch, not too heavy but still seeping with tension. 

Pretty Little Liars. The first series is a little cliched but once a few bombshells have dropped it gets really good! I would highly recommend avoiding spoilers while you watch it but don't just watch it to find out who A is, the actresses who play the Liars are so talented and deserve a lot more praise than they get for their acting not just their looks.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy is a woman who has been rescued from an underground bunker and let out into the world with no knowledge past elementary school or about the modern world she now finds herself in. She has to maneuver her way through 2015 New York to find what she wants to be in her new life. This show is absolutely hilarious, the writing, the actors, everything! Tina Fey is incredible and all her work has so much energy. I love it for its wackiness and topical nature. 

Wet Hot American Summer. This parody of summer camp films basically reads like a who's who of American comedy. So many actors got their break here,Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks etc. The revival series came out a few months ago and is even funnier! You can tell that everyone on the set had a ball filming it!

Blackfish. This is a documentary all about SeaWorld and the treatment of their killer whales (spoiler alert, it's not good!) I found out about this from my best friend Evie who is doing her English coursework on the subject and it's so eye opening. It does a great job of telling you about the horrors of what these creatures are capable of and the awful deaths they have caused without painting them as the enemy.

They Came Together. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are amazing in this parody of basically every single romantic comedy ever to exist. Everything is so hilariously over the top as they cover every single cliche with exceptional comic timing. It's a really funny watch!

Clueless. A teenage classic, Cher's style is iconic and the actual story is really fun. It lets you travel back to the 90's for a few hours!

What are your favourite things to watch? Do we share any of the same ones?

Have a wonderful day!

Hattie xo

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Thoughts On Meeting Your Idols


On Sunday, my friends and I went to see Carrie Hope Fletcher at the Cheltenham Lit Festival. It was a really cool format because she did an interview thing with a lady called Anna. She was asked about all her projects, All I Know Now, Les Mis, her YouTube and her up and coming novel, On The Other Side! She was so natural and down to earth; it was a lot of fun to watch. Then it came to the signing afterwards, I went to get my kindle case signed and a picture with her. Honestly, I’ve never left a signing completely satisfied (though I’ve only been to a few), it’s a bittersweet experience.

When you admire and love someone as much as I love Carrie, you often feel as if they are one of your closest friends. They’ve shared so much with you through social media that you form a real attachment to them. You think that you are so similar in interests and sense of humour that if you two met, you would hit it off immediately and you would maybe stick in their memory of that day. So when you have the opportunity to meet them, no matter how organised it is, you have really high expectations of meeting them.

Frankly, it isn’t fair to put that level of expectation on yourself.

At these signings, the person you are lining up to see will see a LOT of people and sign a LOT of books so you really don’t have long to make this impression. There are usually some staff lurking around hustling you along so that perfect meeting you had envisioned is growing shorter and shorter. There is a lot of pressure being put on you, not to mention the fact that the person you have watched for 3 years is right there in front of you!

So as I queued up to meet her, I had all these ideas of what I would say to her. I was going to go up to her and be extremely enthusiastic. I would tell her how much I loved All I Know Now, all the things I’ve learnt from her and this adorable story about the Hopeful community. I would ask her to sign my kindle and get an adorable picture with her, maybe even going in for a hug at the end!

No prizes for guessing that this didn’t exactly go to plan! In reality I got extremely starstruck and simply said hi and asked her to sign my kindle, repeating “if that’s okay? Thank you so much!” about a thousand times. Then when the picture was taken … I blinked! I was painfully awkward and I’ve been repeating that moment every night since, what I would have said. It makes me feel guilty for wasting this opportunity but that is not okay.

Honestly, I’m kind of put off these meet ups and signings because the illusion of a genuine two-sided relationship with these YouTubers is washed away. Sure, some fans may achieve this but it comes back to the issue of “us and them”. There is an issue with fans treating YouTubers as characters on TV but it kind of goes the other way. After someone gains a certain amount of subscribers, their viewers change from a group of individuals to a faceless statistic. Of course this is no fault of anyone but I must admit that it is disheartening when you come face to face with someone you’ve spent hours listening to and they show absolutely no sign of recognition. The only way to change this is to tell them how important they are to you and this is a tall order when you take into account how brief these meetups are.

I am not saying that I regret meeting Carrie; she signed my Kindle case and was so lovely! The actual event was awesome too. However, like I said before, it was a bittersweet experience. You watch someone for years and when you finally get the chance to tell them how much you appreciate them, the pressure to do so completely overwhelms you. Don’t put that expectation on yourself! It’s different for everyone but for me, I can’t possibly say everything I want to in that brief interaction that meet ups allow for and that’s okay because one day I will get that chance, on social media or a more relaxed type of meetup.

This is just my personal opinion, obviously not everyone will agree with me on this one!

What do you think? Have you ever had a really awesome meetup experience? I’d love to hear about it!
Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Media Favourites


The other day in RE we had to make a tally of all the hours we spend consuming various forms of media each day, listening to music, watching TV, browsing the internet etc. We then added it up for our entire lifetimes and mine came to 45 years of an average lifetime of 82. Now this sounds like a crazy number but you have to take into account that the actual number would be lower as we usually consume these things simultaneously. I don't like how we are made to feel guilty about all this, sure we should go outside and not stare at screens so much but what are we actually consuming? We're consuming art, educational materials, someone else's creativity and life's work.

So leading on from that, I was thinking about all the awesome books, music, TV, websites and films that are available to us. Here's my current faves from all these categories!

Doctor Foster. Zoe Sugg has been raving about this programme for a few weeks and she is completely right, this show is incredible. It's about this woman who finds a blonde hair on her husband's scarf and suspects that he is cheating on her. Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel play the supposed perfect couple, their performances completely suck the audience in. However the real brilliance lies in the writing, by Mike Bartlett. It takes you on so many twists and turns, the "enemy" changing every 10 minutes. There are so many gasping moments especially in the last episode!

Badlands. Halsey's debut album is so good, there isn't a single mediocre song on there! My favourites are New Americana and Colours but any of the songs could be singles!

Tsum Tsum App. This game is so addictive, I've been playing so much in the last few weeks. I would highly recommend it!

Queen Feminist. Sylva is my inspiration when it comes to body positivity and all round feminist goals. Her twitter is awesome and her blog is so well written. She's proving that teenager can be socially and politically aware with well informed views on important issues. Please follow her on twitter @queenfeminist and make sure you keep up with her blog too!

Suits. I've only just started watching it but I love it! I got to the end of the Good Wife and there was law drama shaped hole in my life, then this came along! It's everything you would want from a law drama with really witty characters, Harvey and Mike's chemistry is brilliant. Tanya Burr said she loved it in a video, a while ago, it really is worth trying!

What have you been loving recently?

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

Friday, 2 October 2015

London Vibes


I have been lucky enough to go to London quite a lot in the last few months to see and review some West End shows for London Theatre Direct. You can find all my posts here. I love going to London, there are so many beautiful parts and I have such amazing memories there. Today, I thought I'd do a bit of a themed post based on London, that may or may not turn into a little city series!

Style. London is known for it's edgy yet slick style, think London Fashion Week, Camden Market and bloggers such as Zoe London and Little Miss Katy. I especially love all the huge beautiful coats that are often seen at this time of year. London has such varied style but it's unmistakably British. I might get myself one of those Ginger Spice Union Jack minidresses ... (just kidding, that thing looks freezing!)

Beauty. Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse and Georgia May Jagger are repping the London beauty scene all over the world but you don't have to be a supermodel or own the entire Rimmel collection to channel this city on your face. From what I can tell, with a bold red lip, tidy brows and a slick eyeliner flick, you're well on your way to getting "the London look". 

Music. These are just some songs that make me think of London!

Wannabe - The Spice Girls (pretty obvious right?)

London Queen - Charli XCX (clue's in the name)

Fly Away - 5SOS (I want a little bit of California, with a little bit of London sky)

Writing on the Wall - Sam Smith (James Bond is the definition of London class) 

Raise You Up/ Just Be - Kinky Boots (I saw Kinky Boots in London last month and it just takes me back when I listen to it) 

Food. London is so multicultural that you can find almost anything to eat from any part of the world! I've grown to associate Chinese food with amazing memories so Chinatown is a must but also Covent Garden is an amazing place to eat in. On Wednesday I went to a little place called Creme de la Crepe in Covent Garden and I had the most delicious apple crumble crepe. I would highly recommend it! It's only just October and I've already had more crumbles than I can count! (very British though!)

What's your favourite city? Would you like to see more of these posts? 

Have a wonderful week!

Hattie xo