Monday, 5 January 2015

Make 2015 the Year of You | Motivational Monday #5

Good Morning!

I hope your year is off to a cracking start! I'm one for fresh starts and I usually go all out with the "New Year New Me"'s  at this time of year. However, this year I'm going to try really hard to make a difference in my life, with a little help from my Motivational Monday series. I'm determined that this year is going to be brilliant, it's the last year before all my schoolwork becomes incredibly important and I fall head first into exams. I don't just mean a good year in terms of sticking to resolutions, I believe that change happens through a positive mindset and taking actions to improve your life rather than just waiting for a fairy godmother!

So ...

Make 2015 the Year of You

This year is completely yours for the taking, so grab it!

Emma put it really well in her video, so you should watch that too!

Have a wonderful week!


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