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FEMBRUARY | The Issues With Meninism


Jacky has started a series called Fembruary on her blog, Do It For The Irony, in which she is going to be talking about Feminism in the month of of February! I'm loving what she's put up so far and I think it's great that she's doing it in a casual way so that it can be really helpful and not overwhelming! I thought I'd get involved and do my own Fembruary post about Meninism! 

Meninism is an anti-feminist movement that believes that feminists have double standards and are hypocrites, some even go as far to accuse us of "hating men". More and more men are joining the movement, using the hashtags and buying the t-shirts, and it's popularity is growing as they believe that their rights aren't being stood up for.

I believe that Meninism should not exist.

There is the common misconception that feminists are pro-women, rather than pro-equality. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense for women to hate men! An important value of feminism is that men and women have equal worth and should be treated as such. The existence of such a movement isn't actually justified as feminism is designed to eradicate sexism of all types so it does
really support male rights as well as female, trans and non-binary.

I understand that often it can seem like there are double standards in feminism, for example still shaming men for their bodies while saying that all female body types should be accepted and how men are expected to do lot's of things like pay for meals and be the primary source of income for their families. I get that there are flaws and things that aren't as publicised in feminism but it doesn't mean that we have double standards! Meninists have every right to voice these concerns and under the proper definition, it is a feminist issue! 

Any issue that is deemed sexist is an issue that feminists aim to tackle.

That's what annoys me the most, despite being an anti feminist-movement, most of their arguments would fit right into one of a feminist's! If the people behind this movement bothered to understand those they are so adamantly against, they would realise that they believe the same thing as them. To me that's ignorance. 

A lot of the outpouring of meninists on social media is spreading hate towards feminists and women in general. Many use vile insults and pettiness to provoke responses from those they are against. This discredits them completely in my view, how can they be taken seriously when they are behaving this way? The sad thing is that there is a minority that aren't spreading hate, they just don't seem to grasp the point of feminism!

I really hope that these so called "meninists" will learn that their values are the same as feminist's and hopefully they will join the cause and teach us to be better and to understand the problems that are close to them. I also hope they will try to support feminism and gender rights as I feel that some are completely dismissive of other causes that don't affect men.

Nobody's perfect, but that is no reason to attack and denounce someone else's views. If you think they are overlooking something, I'm sure they would appreciate being politely informed of this! I am not a perfect feminist but I am trying my very hardest to be better!

What do you think of meninism? Do you think men's rights are overlooked in feminism? Leave your comments below! Be sure to keep up with Jacky's posts over on DIFTI!

Have a wonderful week!
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  1. When that meninist twitter came out I actually looked into meninism and, like you touched on, they basically touch on a lot of the issues feminists touch on, expect it's taken from a man's perspective. I think meninism emerged because men realized that they do have disadvantages in society as well and want to voice their need for equality in the same way feminists do. However, they fail to realize that feminism does want to tackle those issues concerning men as well, except it's being taken from the perspective that women have the most disadvantages in society; help the women and you're helping the men as well. While there's no problem with men wanting to advocate for equality in society, I feel like this whole meninist movement and how these men go about voicing their opinion is very demeaning towards the feminist movement and that's where the problem occurs.
    I will say that there are feminists out there that fit that "women are better than men" mentality mold but, looking at the core of what the feminist movement is, it's far from that.
    The focus should be on taking down the patriarchy, not taking down each other.


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