Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Links I Love


Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favourite things that I've found on the Internet recently!

Lemon Freckles | Monthly Illustrations
I came across Toni's gorgeous blog at the beginning of the year, just as she was starting her monthly illustrations. I loved January's and this month's is just as adorable, I have it on my phone and my laptop at the moment! Speaking of freebies, I found these social media buttons on... And taught myself how to make them work which I'm rather proud of, considering how dreadful I am at this sort of stuff. I can't even get pictures aligned as you can see from my last post!

Do It For The Irony | Why Pastel Colours Defy Misogyny
I love Jacky's post as it really explores how society conditions us to think that femininity is not good through the smallest things, like the colour pink. I've definitely asked myself if my outfit was "too girly" in the past. It really makes you think, how things as simple as colours affect gender roles. I'm super excited for her #Fembruary posts, you should go check it out!

Scarphelia | The Rise of the Cyber Sisterhood
I pretty much love everything that Katie writes but this post is so brilliant that I couldn't not share it! She asked 9 amazing bloggers 9 amazing questions about achievement, identity, growth etc and they all had brilliant answers. It actually really inspired me more with this blog as these women are achieving so much with their corner of the internet. I'm trying to step up my blogging game to challenge myself and see what comes out of it!

Zoe London | Becoming a Stronger Writer For Your Blog
I always find Zoe's posts so useful and this one was no exception! To be honest I'm a lot more focused on the writing side of blogging so this post was fab for me!

When I first heard about this I must admit I was sceptical. I assumed it would be a 10 minute video where the President just talked about the importance of young people's interest in politics using YouTube star's fame and influence to get the government's message across. How wrong was I! It was actually 45 minutes long and bursting with content and information that I found really interesting. Each YouTuber had 15 minutes to ask the President whatever they wanted, for example Hank Green talked to him about drone strikes, Glozell asked him how to bridge the gap between African American males and white cops, and Bethany Mota discussed making college an option for more students so more can get their qualifications. I was amazed that they were using this valuable time to ask him the questions that the American public wanted to know. His responses were great too, no waffling or avoiding the questions like some of our UK politicians seem to do. It also showed that the government thinks that the opinion of young people is important. I would highly recommend you watch the whole video as I found it so interesting!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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