Sunday, 22 March 2015

101 Things That Make Me Happy


This post has been seriously fun to write! I've spent all week brainstorming all the things that I love and I've honestly felt my mood lift because of it!

1, 2 & 3) My wonderful family
4, 5, 6 & 7) My fabulous best friends, Becca, Evie, Maizey and Téa
8, 9 & 10) My amazing pets, Monty (dog), Misty and Moe (rabbits)
11) Thinking up posts for this blog! (I have my best ideas in Chemistry lessons)
12) Participating in blog chats on Twitter
13) When you are stood on stage acting and you feel completely comfortable in the role
14) That moment when you hear a song for the first time and completely connect with the lyrics
15) Having absolutely nothing to do
16) Watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix
17) Getting good test results 
18) Eating Sticky Toffee Pudding 
19) Seeing my friends happy
20) Being totally captivated by a character in a book
21) Waking up on a good hair day
22) Making an inside joke 
23) Having a heart to heart with my friends
24) Sipping ice cold Diet Coke
25) Seeing someone stand up for what they believe in instead of being pushed down

26) Buying a gift for someone and they love it
27) Little black poodles 
28) Listening to Taylor Swift
29) Watching Richard Curtis films
30) Wearing a fierce outfit
31) When your eyeliner game is strong
32) Bright red tulips
33) Laughing until my ribs hurt
34) Good skin days
35) Being surrounded by people you can trust
36) Browsing Pinterest
37) Smiling
38) Equality
39) White Chocolate Cookies
40) Listening to Fall Out Boy (namely Save Rock and Roll)
41) Drinking multiple cups of tea in day
42) Visiting amazing cities like Rome and NYC
43) Skiing
44) Looking back at old pictures
45) Cute stationary
46) Buying new makeup for myself
47) Tina Fey comedies
48) Being really proud of something I've done
49) Jamming out to Disney
50) Watching an amazing play in the RSC

51) Wearing cute jewellery
52) Interacting with my fave bloggers on Twitter
53) Eating Cherry Pie
54) Fun hair styles
55) Lighting scented candles
56) British Satire
57) Reading John Green books
58) Receiving nice comments on here
59) Visiting cute little cafes
60) Going to outdoor concerts
61) Seasonal drinks at Starbucks (Peppermint Mochas are amazing)
62) Feeling inspired to create
63) Doing origami
64) Doing Blogilates workouts
65) Stargazing
66) Making berry smoothies
67) Watching movie musicals
68) Going to amazing beaches in Italy
69) Having a very productive day
70) Having Chinese takeaways
71) Visiting cute Cotswold villages
72) Filling up notebooks
73) Wearing summer dresses
74) Sitting in front of a roaring fireplace
75) Having a movie marathons

76) Eating pancakes with lemon and sugar
77) Baking
78) Seeing one of your favourite actors/singers/writers gain worldwide success
79) Buying books on my Kindle
80) Finding new Instagram accounts to follow
81) Having a bath with Lush products
82) Watching countless Friends epidodes
83) Hot chocolate with all the frills
84) Learning new things
85) Plot twists
86) Days with no clouds
87) Big fluffy jumpers
88) Picnics
89) Creme Eggs
90) Random Acts of Kindness
91) Wearing flower crowns
92) Painting my nails
93) Using emojis in tweets
94) Eating burgers
95) Watching my favourite YouTubers
96) Road trips
97) Strong WiFi connections
98) Happily ever afters
99) Hot Duck Wraps
100) Funny Tumblr posts
101) Making lists!

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