Sunday, 5 April 2015

Austria Ski Trip 2015


I got back from Austria yesterday after an amazing ski trip with my school! I had an absolute ball as everyone on the trip was so lovely and the skiing was great. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not a natural sportsperson so I have to work really hard on little things that others find easy (parallel turns) so I'm pretty sure I was the worst in my ski group but that didn't stop me from having an amazing time up on the slopes. The girls in my dorm were great and I loved spending time with them all! I've actually done this trip three times now but this was the last year I had the opportunity to go. I took loads of amazing pictures as Austria is such a gorgeous country and I thought I'd share a few with you! They aren't the best quality as they were taken with my phone but I think they capture the beauty of the mountains quite nicely!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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