Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Museum of Intangible Things


At the moment I'm reading The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder. It's about two girls from New Jersey, Hannah and Zoe, who embark on a "Thelma and Louise" style road trip to escape their troubled love life, alcoholic parents and dead end futures. Zoe's brother is autistic and has trouble understanding the intangible things in life, emotions like pride and guilt. To help him a little, the girls have set up a museum of intangible things for him,in their garage, filled with their perceptions of these emotions to try to teach him about them. I thought it was such a beautiful idea and it got me thinking about my own perceptions of these intangible things!

Loyalty: Supporting your loved ones and standing up for them. 

Envy: Seeing others with amazing hair/bodies/clothes/friends and wishing it for myself, usually paired with low self esteem. Though I focus on convincing myself that I'm fine the way I am, this feeling creeps in like a snake, poisoning my confidence and reducing me to a shell of doubt.

Dreams: Things that I wish for, big things like reaching a state of happiness where I am in a job that I love or small things like reaching milestones on this blog. They are what makes each day worthwhile and keeps me going when I am low. 

Disappointment: When my expectations get too specific or I let myself get carried away with best case scenarios. Mostly I try to avoid this and keep a level head when it comes to the future but still stay ambitious. The only time this really bothers me is when it's disappointment in myself but it means that I can learn from mistakes.

Fear: Snakes, rejection, wrists and the uncertain future.

Coping: When pain is just a dull ache and you realise that the worst is behind you.

Elation: Having a truly amazing day.

Freedom: Moving incredibly fast in a roller coaster, running through a field, smiling really wide. I'm very lucky to have the freedom that I do as many aren't given the same rights that they deserve.

Insouciance: Not going to lie, I had to look this one up but it means "a lack of concern, carelessness". This is learning when to ignore other people's opinions and do what makes you happy, not trying to please anyone else.

Audacity: Taking big risks in order to achieve greater things. The willingness to put it all on the line.

Gluttony: One word - Chocolate

Belief: I believe in equal rights, kindness and unicorns.

Karma: I'm a big believer in karma, I put my faith in it countless times.

Love: If you have this, then you don't need much else.

Luck: I count myself quite lucky in my life but I am constantly afraid of it running out and bad things happening to me.

Truth: It can set us free or condemn us and there's no use in hiding from it!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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