Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fierce Females


How are you? Personally I'm feeling a little exhausted. Last week was my half term holiday and I spent the whole of it revising for my end of years (apart from a trip to Hay Festival and to see Jersey Boys). I've been working pretty hard and sometimes it's hard to find inspiration to keep going. There are a lot of amazing women killing it right now so I just use them as motivation in the hopes that I might be even a tenth as successful as them! They prove that if you really work hard and fight for your place in the world, you will eventually succeed. They also all have amazing attitudes towards life that I find so amazing!

Hermione Granger
What I like about Hermione is how she was never afraid to excel. She worked hard, put in the hours and reaped the benefits in the form of good grades and pulling Harry and Ron out of trouble time and time again. What strikes me about her is the similarities of her and Harry's situations before Hogwarts, they both grow up in the Muggle world and find out about their magical abilities. However at Hogwarts, Hermione works really hard to make the most of her fantastic opportunity yet Harry seems to just slack off. I admire her for this. She proves herself to her doubters and has a huge hand in the defeat of Voldemort.

Alicia Florrick
Alicia is the main character in the TV show, the Good Wife, she plays the wife of an ex-politician who has to go back into work at a big law firm in Chicago. She has to deal with a lot, due to her untrustworthy husband, but she shows so much character and she has a lot of flaws. This sets her apart from a lot of the "strong female leads" on TV nowadays. You don't have to be this steely alpha female who never feels a thing, you can choose what you broadcast to the world and still fall apart behind closed doors. Alicia is good at her job, seriously good, but the show focuses on both her inner struggles and the amazing lawyer that others admire her for. I would seriously recommend watching the Good Wife on Netflix, it gets really good!

Elizabeth McCord
I've just started watching Madam Secretary on Sky and I think I'm addicted. It follows Elizabeth McCord in her new role as Secretary of State in the US. She's under a lot of pressure in the job, not helped by an office full of staff hired by her predecessor (who died in a plane). She is excellent at her job, but also makes mistakes and has to make a lot of hard ethical decisions. I especially love how her and her husband, despite being in completely different professions (he's a religious scholar), they call themselves a team, no matter what.

Anna Kendrick
I have loved everything that Anna has done and she is so talented, both in acting and singing. She keeps it real and has such great comic timing. I loved both Pitch Perfects and Into The Woods so I'm so excited to see what she does next!

Taylor Swift
Okay, so you knew I had to include Queen Swift in this list, she is killing it on her 1989 World Tour right now and generally winning at life! I'm so excited to see her later this month!

Cara Delevigne
Proving she's more than an extemely pretty face, Cara is making the leap into acting. She's starring as Margo in John Green's Paper Towns this summer alongside Nat Wolff and still managing to have a hugely successful modeling career. She also recently guest starred in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video.

Let me know who I've missed in the comments!
Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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