Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Letter To My Younger Self

As some of you may know, I turn 16 in a few weeks which is really scary because I'm getting ever closer to leaving my teenage years and becoming an adult. I don't like thinking about exams or university or taxes or anything so I guess I'm in denial about that whole "growing up" thing. However whenever I do think about turning 16, I tend to think about what I thought about that age when I was younger. So leading on from that I wonder what a younger me, specifically at 11, would think of current me and so I decided to write a letter to past me!

Dear Harriet,

I won't ask how you are because I know you're doing just fine. You've just started a new school for Year 6 and you are making plenty of friends. Everyone is really nice and here you seem to be quite popular as it's the point where everyone likes everyone and anyway, next year you'll all be split up. You're happy and that's amazing but I do wish you wouldn't try so hard to be cool, embrace your weirdness and don't pretend to not like things!

You'll be freaking out about your 11+ entrance exam to your dream grammar school right about now. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, you get in! Relax because you've worked so hard so the exam will be fine. I'm in Year 11 now, which seems a long long way away but the time will fly past so make the most of the younger years in school. You want to be an actress right? Well nowadays you'd rather be a writer but never lose that acting bug because it's a huge part of your personality. You pass your Grade 7 LAMDA exam and take GCSE drama so have confidence in yourself! Also you're in a proper play at the moment, in which you are a pretty big part and you will have made plenty of new friends from acting. You are lucky enough to get to see lots of amazing shows so enjoy it all!

Speaking of friends, these amazing new friends that you will be making this year will simply be names to you in a few years, sure some will be at your secondary school but you will have a completely different friend group and they will make you really happy. Only one of them is at your school now, you know that quiet girl with the gorgeous red hair? Yep, she's one of your best friends now, plus three others who you haven't even met yet! Trust me, you have a lot to look forward to with these beautiful girls, you're going to have the best time giggling with Becca and Maizey in RE, hundreds of DMCs and this is going to sound crazy to you but you just got back from a school trip to China with Evie and Téa. Yep, you study Mandarin now and you'll have the time of your life on this trip especially as it's with two of your best friends.

You will change a lot in the next few years, going through phases of being obsessed with Les Mis, Zoella and Connor Franta, all documented on Twitter of course. You don't even know what Twitter is yet, the only social media you have is MSN! Twitter is this incredible site where you can communicate with people all over the world and follow your favourite people. Don't stress over your "obsessions", don't try and dismiss them, who even cares if your favourite band isn't "cool". I know you think One Direction are pretty awful at the moment but just you wait ... In 2015 they've all improved a lot and now you are very invested in them, especially Harry Styles. Your other favourite bands are 5 Seconds Of Summer and Little Mix, both of which you will have seen live with the aforementioned best friends. Right now, your absolute fave is definitely familiar to you, you listen to bits of Taylor Swift here and there but come 2015, you will be a full blown Swiftie, having died at her concert at Hyde Park.

All I really want to tell you is to relax and make it your mission to have as much fun as possible. Don't feel obligated to anyone, you can make your decisions so use that to be kind and happy. You've got this kid, I promise everything will be fine. Look at me, we have a blog now!

Love always,

What would you tell your younger self?

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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