Saturday, 8 August 2015

Blogging Confessions


 I've seen a bunch of posts like this and it got me thinking, I have plenty of confessions when it comes to blogging so why not fill a post with them?

I have absolutely no idea of what category I fit into. I'm definitely not a beauty or fashion blogger; sure I may include little bits of that but I have the most boring fashion sense ever and I still can't do normal eyeliner, let alone winged. I'm probably pretty close to lifestyle but when I picture any one of these categories, I see the blogs with thousands of followers, the type of blogs that Bloglovin loves to promote. You know the type, the fashion blogger posed in a sharp blazer and heels that cost more than all my shoes combined, the beauty blogger with a whole wardrobe full of those gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and the lifestyle blogger with the beautiful apartment and stunning travel photos. I love scrolling through these blogs, their professionalism inspires me and the best ones also have oodles of personality spilling through. However it can be a little disheartening, as when I look at my own cluttered desk and crazy mishmash of a blog, I have a bit of an identity crisis. Who am I trying to be again? Soon enough, however, I realise that I don't actually have to fit into a category and I just carry on being me and hopefully letting that reflect in this blog.

My process is a complete disorganised mess. If I have an idea, I had better hope I have somewhere to write it down because that amazing idea I just came up with will be gone in 2 minutes if I'm not careful. I usually come up with my post ideas when I'm not thinking about blogging, which is great during term time as I have a lot on my mind with school but as soon as I get to the holidays (when I actually have time to write) my brain completely dries up and my laptop is either a barren desert or a swamp of not very good drafts. I think the trick is to stop moping about the house playing Candy Crush Saga and watching The Good Wife (I just watched the bit where **** dies and I am not okay.) I am also looking into getting a planner but that would require me thinking of ideas in advance ...

I suffer with blogger's block basically every week. I see so many bloggers that I love writing amazing posts and I think about trying something similar to try to kickstart the ideas but then my brain goes and lists all the reasons why I can't or it wouldn't work. It's mostly because I am an unemployed 15 year old girl which can be a disadvantage for many reasons but I have to make it work somehow. There aren't all too many bloggers in secondary school so I guess I have plenty of time to find my "niche" so by the time I'm in uni I'll have all the html, photography and makeup skills to really make my mark. Haha ... yeah right ... Most of my favourite bloggers are in their 20's so they are past all the exams of school and I can only dream of that life right now.

I adore blog chats but I always forget about them until they're over. I will get back into the swing of them but right now I need about 10 reminders before they start. Despite the lack of interactivity from me, my views have been going up so maybe my post quality is improving? Someone nag me to be at more chats please?

I never proofread. I basically wing it and only change things if people point it out. It's a really bad habit and I should probably change that.

What are your blogging confessions? Can you relate to any of the ones that I've mentioned?

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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