Saturday, 10 October 2015

Media Favourites


The other day in RE we had to make a tally of all the hours we spend consuming various forms of media each day, listening to music, watching TV, browsing the internet etc. We then added it up for our entire lifetimes and mine came to 45 years of an average lifetime of 82. Now this sounds like a crazy number but you have to take into account that the actual number would be lower as we usually consume these things simultaneously. I don't like how we are made to feel guilty about all this, sure we should go outside and not stare at screens so much but what are we actually consuming? We're consuming art, educational materials, someone else's creativity and life's work.

So leading on from that, I was thinking about all the awesome books, music, TV, websites and films that are available to us. Here's my current faves from all these categories!

Doctor Foster. Zoe Sugg has been raving about this programme for a few weeks and she is completely right, this show is incredible. It's about this woman who finds a blonde hair on her husband's scarf and suspects that he is cheating on her. Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel play the supposed perfect couple, their performances completely suck the audience in. However the real brilliance lies in the writing, by Mike Bartlett. It takes you on so many twists and turns, the "enemy" changing every 10 minutes. There are so many gasping moments especially in the last episode!

Badlands. Halsey's debut album is so good, there isn't a single mediocre song on there! My favourites are New Americana and Colours but any of the songs could be singles!

Tsum Tsum App. This game is so addictive, I've been playing so much in the last few weeks. I would highly recommend it!

Queen Feminist. Sylva is my inspiration when it comes to body positivity and all round feminist goals. Her twitter is awesome and her blog is so well written. She's proving that teenager can be socially and politically aware with well informed views on important issues. Please follow her on twitter @queenfeminist and make sure you keep up with her blog too!

Suits. I've only just started watching it but I love it! I got to the end of the Good Wife and there was law drama shaped hole in my life, then this came along! It's everything you would want from a law drama with really witty characters, Harvey and Mike's chemistry is brilliant. Tanya Burr said she loved it in a video, a while ago, it really is worth trying!

What have you been loving recently?

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

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