Tuesday, 3 November 2015

11 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist


My second post in my Lunchtime List series is all about why I am a feminist! Obviously there are so many reasons and these are just a selection of the ones I think are really important.

Because opportunities are still limited to women all across the globe, especially non-white women.

Because trans women are real women (no matter what you say Germaine Greer) and so many don't even understand the concept of gender, causing gender queer individuals to be constantly alienated and not treated with respect.

Because there is still a pay gap between men and women that is just unnecessary, it doesn't make sense so why is it still a thing? Also, when people talk about it they tend to forget that the gap is even bigger for women of colour.

Because many don't want important decisions regarding her own health and body to be in the hands of the woman herself but in the hands of male strangers.

Because we should be teaching people not to sexualise young girls by sending them home because what they are wearing is "distracting boys from learning", showing that boys' education is prioritised over girls'.

Because in some countries girls like Malala Yousafzai are shot for simply going to school.

Because both men and women are held to ridiculous gender roles. Why live by outdated rules that men should be the wage earner and women's primary focus should be to find a husband and have children? There are so many other things that are unnecessarily gendered like colours, clothing and sports. Bacon rolls not gender roles people!

Because women shouldn't have to feel afraid when they walk down their own street at night.

Because consent is not taught to young people and rape culture is very real.

Because it takes effort to get rid of the internalised misogyny that society has built into me. I will get there but some don't even notice it. Please read this blog post about it!

Because I hope to raise children in a more equal and safe society.

Have a wonderful day!
Hattie xo


  1. Wow, I could have not put it better myself. As a woc who is 16 years old, it is so refreshing to see a white feminist who recognises and understands that there is not only a disparity between men and women but between white women and woc. As you have already highlighted, there are inequality issues that are universal to all women which need to be addressed but also issues specific or worse for woc which you have also listed. Thank you for using your platform to promote such issues. My friend sent me a link to this post but I am sure to stay as you and I seem to me to be very like-minded individuals. :) AJ x

    1. Thank you so much for this comment AJ, it really means a lot to me! Can't be having conversations about feminism when you only focus on making things better for white women, statistics about wages and opportunities are so whitewashed it's ridiculous!


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