Monday, 1 February 2016

Interviewing Cecelia Ahern

At the beginning of January I didn't feel all that excited about 2016; I was plunging straight into mocks and I didn't really have any concrete plans except my summer exams. This has all turned on its head completely in the last two weeks. I have two holidays planned (including one to New York!), multiple theatre trips confirmed and I'm going to the national finals of a Mandarin competition in a few weeks. That's all awesome but something really cool has already happened, setting 2016 off to a brilliant start...

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to interview Cecelia Ahern for a Guardian Childrens Books Podcast about her new book Flawed! I'm a member of the Childrens Book site, you can read all my reviews for them up in the Other Work tab on my nav bar, and I applied to interview her after reading about it in one of their newsletters. When I first received the confirmation I was absolutely buzzing with excitement and pride, ask anyone that was in a class with me that day! After that I was a little more nervous, so I didn't actually tweet about it until after it had happened, mainly because I didn't want to jinx it! 

I got permission to miss school for the day and headed down to the Guardian HQ in London. There I met the awesome Book Elves that run the Childrens Book site, the other girls taking part in the podcast, Rebekah and Amy, and of course Cecelia herself. The podcast consisted of Cecelia reading an excerpt of Flawed and then answering questions posed by us. It went really well, if I do say so myself! Cecelia is so lovely, I've thought about how to describe her and the best that I can come up with is that she's like a magical writing fairy with an incredible talent for creating brilliant characters. It was such an amazing day, just being there at the Guardian offices made me so much more determined to become a journalist. 

There were a few issues when sending me the book to read before the interview so I ended up having to read it over 2 days but it was certainly not a hardship to do so because Flawed is so good! Here's a quick description of Flawed...

Imagine a world where a moral or ethical mistake will be your ultimate downfall, you'll be despised and isolated by society. You will receive a painful brand of "F" for Flawed and be forced to live life as a second class citizen, enforced by a powerful but respected Guild. This is the world that Celestine lives in. Her boyfriend is the son of Judge Crevan, the head of the Guild with the power to decide whether someone is Flawed or not. She strives for perfection every day but one decision may bring her life crashing down.

What are your fave YA books at the moment? 

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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