Sunday, 28 February 2016

Running Out Of Time

how do you write like you're running out of time?
I've got to the point where there doesn't seem to be enough time for any of the things I need and want to do. GCSE's are in 3 months and there is a lot to be learned and completed before then. I want to continue writing a post a week for as long as possible and maintain the quality. I have so many books to read (my TBR list is currently at 8+) and I would love to spend hours and hours poring over them with mugs of tea. I want to dream up amazing content for both my writing platforms and just for the love of creating things for myself. I just do not have enough time in the day to do all this, for the next few months anyway, and its really stressing me out.

I think the main reason that I'm struggling a little is that I take forever to do things. I always thought those zodiac traits were a load of rubbish because I'm a Virgo and usually I am the least perfectionist person, I'll give it my best stab and if its not perfect, so what? Now I'm reconsidering this, having realised that I am a perfectionist in my writing. Right now is fine because I'm just writing in my own voice and I don't have to fret about how to word something. Writing essays and reviews take longer because as soon as you let me word-process something, I will be editing every single sentence as I go along. I also take forever to get my brain into revision mode, making every session much less productive. It's a really rubbish feeling when it seems like you're wasting time over something that shouldn't take that long!

So those are the short term reasons why I get that "running out of time" feeling but a large part of it is me wanting to spend all my days creating things and learning about the things that actually interest me. The best way I can describe it is a kind of creative FOMO (fear of missing out). The strange thing is that when I did have time to do all this, I didn't really have the motivation to do so but suddenly once I'm busy, the urge to be all creative is much stronger. I see amazing creative people like Michelle Phan and Scarphelia and I have to remind myself that I can start writing everyday when these exams are over because they give me so many ideas. 

This isn't me bragging about how many ideas I have. Believe me, I suffer from the worst blogger's block. It's just a matter of having the time to brainstorm and then work on an idea knowing that if it doesn't work out the way I wanted, I can just try another one.

Do you ever feel like you're running out of time? Or do you just think that this is a huge first world problem? :')

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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  1. I am constantly running out of time! But that's what working full time does to you... Just think once your GCSEs are over then you'll have loads of time to do the stuff you want :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. I think your content is gorgeous :) don't think just because you've got GCSEs that we're going to unfollow you! xxx


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