Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Best of the Internet: Volume 1

I spend all my time on the internet. When I'm supposed to be doing work, I'll have a Twitter tab open, which I'll check every 5 minutes and I'd better hope that nothing cool is linked or I'll be straight down that rabbit hole. This is kind of a huge problem for me but it does allow me to soak up some pretty amazing content from all across the web. Today I want to share a little love for all the brilliant people that are bringing important discussions and also things that made me smile.

Formation - BeyoncĂ© (x) If there's one thing that has been really preying on my mind in the last few months, its America's huge race problem. Its absolutely sickening that the police can get away with such brutality toward people of colour and BeyoncĂ©'s new song and music video addresses this and calls it out perfectly. She definitely has the profile to get her message to a large audience but I'd like to see more effort put in to give a voice to those who are being silenced.

It's Not Over - Bernie Sanders (x) This is another important video regarding the racial inequality in America. It features Eric Garner's daughter, Erica, talking about how she lost her father and the way she has protested in order to protect her daughter from the systematic oppression that she and her father have faced. Despite being a campaign video for Senator Sanders, it feels like its completely focused on Erica's story. Its an emotional watch but a necessary one. 

Girl Lost In The City Newsletter (x) If you're anything like me, you'll love sitting down on a Sunday to read lots and lots of amazing blog posts. Emma's weekly email helps me to find amazing new content and brightens up my inbox when it arrives. She goes through her own week, her recent posts and all of the posts that she's read throughout the week. There are always some absolute gems in there and Emma herself is one of the best writers I've come across on the web.

Why I'd Rather Be Single Than Settle - Vix Meldrew (x) Vix is one of those bloggers that hits it out of the park with every single post. She's so funny and sassy, you should really follow her on Twitter (#vixswipes is an absolute classic) This is a fantastic post and it makes so much sense so head on over to her blog and show her some love. 

7 Ways I Used To Be A Toxic Person — And How I Changed My Behavior (x) This was one of the fab posts on Emma's newsletter and I was taken aback at the honesty shown here. The post speaks for itself but I was seriously impressed by this refreshing piece of writing.

Swipe Right - Wonderful You (x) I found Megs' blog because so many people on my Twitter feed were raving about this particular post. Its really cute and gave me all the feelings!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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