Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Sunday in Oxford + Zheng Review

Easter SundayI hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! It's been a while since I've posted on here due to a crazy few weeks with coursework and controlled assessments, which all went really well in the end. I did have a post ready to go but somehow it got deleted before I could publish it. I'm awful at backing stuff up and saving my writing so I kind of had it coming but its annoying nonetheless! Luckily I took some nice photos when I went to Oxford with my family so I thought I'd write up a lifestyle post instead. 

On Easter Sunday, I took the afternoon off revision and went to Oxford to look at all the beautiful university buildings. Between little spells of rain, I managed to take these pictures. My family are huge fans of the murder mystery shows Lewis and Endeavour so we were constantly pointing out different places like "I bet they've found a dead body there at some point in the series" or "Didn't Hathaway sprint down that alleyway once?" 

British Architecture
Spring Flowers
I didn't realise how awesome of a city it is for food. We wanted a Chinese so I quickly searched on Trip Advisor and this place called Zheng popped up as one of the highest rated in the city. We weren't exactly close and had to trek down a few streets to find it in blustery winds. When we did reach it, we all thought it was a takeaway as it looked tiny from the outside. I was all ready to admit defeat and take the blame for leading us on a wild goose chase when we saw that they'd posted up an extremely favourable review from esteemed critic, Giles Coren. Seeing that he'd pronounced that it was "possibly the best authentic Chinese-Malaysian in the country", I smugly dragged my family inside.

For starters we ordered some prawn crackers, duck and seaweed spring rolls and some delicious char siu buns. I've been dreaming about them ever since I had them in Chinatown a few years ago but I hadn't a clue what they were called until I saw the description in the menu. They are these little buns, made out of this pale sweet dough that I ate a lot of when I was in China, and are filled with bbq-ish pork. Heaven in dim-sum form...

Dim Sum
We also ordered a large bowl of steamed rice, Szechuan chicken, garlic vegetables (me and my friends became obsessed with this in China) and crispy cereal king prawns, which were recommended in Giles' review. All the food was absolutely divine and the only thing stopping us from polishing it all off in minutes was the logistical difficulties of chopsticks, though we all soon got back into the swing of using them.

Zheng Restaurent
Oxford is such a gorgeous city, make sure to check out Zheng when you're next there!

I'd love to write more food and lifestyle posts on here, let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter - @hattiehards

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Prom Wishlist

I know it's really early but I've already started to get excited about prom. Sure, it's probably overrated and a little bit cheesy but who doesn't want their fairytale night of getting dolled up like a princess and dancing with your best friends? Prom is currently my motivation to get through the rest of Year 11 and serves as excellent day-dream material. I'm currently planning on getting the gorgeous dusty pink dress from Missguided but a lot of my friends are finding that their dresses are arriving looking very different to the picture on the website so we'll see... I haven't done any proper style posts for the longest time which is strange seeing as I love making these collages and they are some of my favourites to read on other blogs. 

Here are a selection of some dresses that made my heart flutter plus some little extras...

Clockwise from top left: Kimono Dress, Embellished Heels, Tutu Dress, MAC Among The Fireflies, Tie-back Maxi Dress, Gladiator Heels, Bralet Dress, Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl

I tried to include a variety of different prices, from £65 - £15 because after all it is only one night and you might want to go all out or just a little bit fancier than normal. For me, I'm looking to get my hands on a gorgeous dress and a pair shoes, but not to go crazy on my hair or makeup. I'll be happy no matter what dress I end up wearing, just as long as I feel like a princess!

In the end, Prom is about more than just a fun night out, it's the end of exams and the end of 5 years in one year. We're a pretty small year group compared to other schools which makes it even more weird that next year we'll have a bunch of unfamiliar faces in Year 12. The year is definitely ready for a change, its that time of year where everyone is a bit tense due to lots of different stresses but it will still be sad to see some people go and for the year to be different. Despite differences in opinion as to how prom will actually be organised within the committee, venue, seating arrangements etc (If you know me from school you'll understand this) I'm just grateful to have it at all!

If you're in Year 11 right now, I love you and wish you all the luck in your exams! If you're older, then I'd love to hear about your prom experience or your opinions on proms! I'm always around on Twitter @hattiehards if you want to chat!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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