Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Little Change of Scenery

I’m writing this post from the roof of our villa in Crete, the sun is just setting and in an hour or so we’ll head down to the taverna next door for dinner. In other words, I’m kind of in heaven. We spent the day on the southern coast of the island and visited the most beautiful beach, all turquoise water and pale sand. Last week I was working and getting myself all worked up about the silliest things (though I started following the ideas I laid out in my previous post), staring at Instagram wondering whether I was going about this long summer break wrong. This week I’m largely chilled out, on a diet of delicious Greek food and way too much Diet Coke, and I’m spending all day getting more tanned and actually getting stuck into the last of my Book Haul books. 

I told myself during exams that when I finished I could spend all day reading and building up my Goodreads library but to be honest with you I haven’t really been reading all that much since. I have bags of free time which I want to spend consuming the media I want to, interesting films, hilarious TV shows and all the up-and-coming books, but I was spending all day aimlessly scrolling through social media. Coming to a different country, in a different climate, really helped me get out of that rut, mainly because my WiFi connection only exists in one room in our villa and I haven’t been able to get onto Twitter in restaurants.

This change in scenery has been so beneficial for my all round mood and just remembering you’re in such a beautiful place is enough to dispel any stress you might have. Without having to get up I can see palm trees, terracotta coloured rooves and a church bell tower with a blue dome; a big difference from the mundane views I have in my bedroom or classroom. It doesn’t matter that it’s a plane trip away or that it’s a few kilometres from the sea, the fact that it’s different to my everyday life and that it’s beautiful is enough to lift me from the mental rut I had got myself into.

This idea of escaping from the everyday with a change of scenery is one I’ve experienced a fair bit. You probably already know that I write reviews for London Theatre Direct and therefore get to go down to London after school fairly regularly, I’d look forward to those trips all week, knowing that soon Physics would be over and I could get on a train down to Paddington. The glamour of hurrying across Piccadilly Circus at night to catch the train home seemed so brilliant compared to the day of lessons I’d had and even eating a burger on the Strand made me so much happier than I’d been throughout the day. I much prefer the jostling of the Tube rather than that of the school corridors and it felt like real escapism every time my mum and I made the trip.

Travel is so magical, it can help you form stronger bonds with best friends as I learned in China and is just generally good for the soul in my opinion. I'm having a wonderful time here in Crete and would highly recommend holidaying on Greek Islands as it's stress free, sunny and absolutely stunning. 

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

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