Friday, 1 July 2016

Book Haul | Lies We Tell Ourselves, London Rain + More

Now I've got so many days to fill it's time for me to get stuck into some serious summer reading. I'm behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge because exams completely threw me off balance but I'm so keen to get a wriggle on and smash it before the year is up. The other day I went shopping for some new and shiny books to adorn my already pretty full bookshelves. I picked up a few good ones so I thought I'd do a little book haul to show you what I brought home with me.

The Shock of the Fall - Nathan Filer. This one won the Costa Book of the Year prize, a solid confirmation that this book must be okay, so I picked it up from Waterstones despite not really knowing much about the plot at all - the blurb is really intriguing and relatively vague. 

The Shock of the Fall is narrated by Matt, a mentally ill young man who takes you through different parts of his life. So far I'm really enjoying it and it's always fascinating when you have an unreliable narrator, you have to focus a bit more as the narrative jumps about quite a lot. I'll let you know my thoughts on it when I've finished it. 

Lies We Tell Ourselves - Robin Talley. I remember reading about this book and the blurb sounds amazing so I'm really excited to read this. I've only just realised that Robin Talley wrote What We Left Behind which I read and reviewed for the Guardian Children's Book site here.

This book is about a girl called Sarah, the first black student at Jefferson High, and Linda, the daughter of a segregationist. This unlikely pair are thrown together and as they spend more time together they realise their feelings for each other are a little more complicated than either of them anticipated. I picked this up in Octavia's Bookshop in Cirencester and I have a gut feeling that I'm really going to enjoy this book.

London Rain - Nicola Upson. I'm going to be honest with you here; I mainly bought this book because the cover looked so pretty. I had book vouchers to spend so as this was looking so damn cute on the shelf in Waterstones, I felt it would be a nice addition to my bookshelves. I like to think that I'm pretty unfussy with my reading choices but recently I haven't been very adventurous so I thought I'd push the boat out a bit with a historical crime novel. 

London Rain is the sixth book in the Josephine Tey series and follows the murders of a well known BBC broadcaster and his mistress, the leading actress in the radio play that Josephine wrote. Set at the time of the coronation, the early days of the BBC, Josephine investigates these crimes and the old scandals that could be linked to them. I can't wait to sink my teeth into a proper historical fiction novel.

The Improbability of Love - Hannah Rothschild. I bought this in the Oxfam shop where I work, not really knowing much about it but it looked like the kind of book that I enjoy. It's about a girl called Annie who purchases a painting in a junk shop and unwittingly enters into the mad London art world. As she delves into the painting's past, she uncovers some pretty huge secrets about European history and might just let love into her life again. 

What books have you been reading recently? I'm always on the lookout for new books so please let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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