Saturday, 27 August 2016

August Roundup| Life, Beauty, Music + Style

I can't believe September has crept up so fast, next week I'll be back at school and before you know we'll be well into Pumpkin Spice Latte season and buying our bodyweight in knitwear. I don't feel as if I've done a lot but at the same time I've been more busy than I anticipated to be. I'm kind of looking forward to going back to school but first I've got my New York trip to kick start the month! Without further ado, here's my August Roundup!

Life. Throughout August I was mainly working and waiting for my GCSE results. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to work this summer, I don't know what I would have done with myself otherwise and it feels good to know I can pay for driving lessons this autumn. Working also made me realise how much of a bubble we live in when we're in school, all the pointless classroom drama is so irrelevant. 

I also got my GCSE results just this week! I was so nervous and really didn't want to be disappointed with any of them but it turned out really well. I haven't put them up on any social media but I wanted to share it on here because if you're reading my blog then chances are you're going to be chill with it. I got two A's and 10 A*s! I'm so happy with that and am so glad that all my work paid off!

Beauty. I thought it was about time that I start getting my act together and getting my brows to look more polished, so I picked up the much hyped NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade. I'm really liking the difference of a gel formula instead of powder or pencil and it's really easy to use with an angled brush. I'd really recommend this product, especially as it's so cheap at only £5.50. Also at NYX I bought one of their Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks in the shade 08, it was the last one of it's shade out and I think the colour's gorgeous, I have a matte lip cream from NYX in Cannes but this one's a bit longer lasting and less rosy in colour. I've also been loving the Barry M Daylight Curing Top Coat for quick drying because it makes doing my nails so much easier and I thought it was worth a mention on here. 

Style. I haven't really been wearing anything particularly interesting recently, just t-shirt and jeans most days, but I have started wearing nice earrings more often. I bought myself a pack of about 10 cool pairs from Zara in Greece, including some small hoops. I've always wanted to be cool enough to wear hoop earrings and now I actually have a pair I can't stop wearing them. 

Music. I've been really into Carly Rae Jepsen's album Emotion recently, it's a pop masterpiece and she deserves so much more attention for it. Her B side album just came out but I don't think it's released in the UK yet so I'm looking forward to listening to that through September.

Books. So this summer I had planned to read lots of classics, but that hasn't really happened as much as I wanted to. I did read Pride and Prejudice though and really loved it, Jane Austen type love stories are my guilty pleasure. I also read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and was pleasantly surprised, the plot is very fan fic-esque but the moments we get with the characters we've grown up with more than made up for it's flaws.

TV. I've recently got into Gilmore Girls as I keep seeing people talking about it on Twitter and I'm so glad I started, it's so good! It's the type of show I'd make required watching for all teenage girls.

If there's a theme to this post it's things that help me to feel like I'm doing an okay job at life, whether it's with small material things like makeup and earrings, watching a feel-good show like Gilmore Girls or filling my time with something productive. When your head gets filled with doubt, these things have helped me get back to the place where I can feel good about where I am in life. 

What things have you been loving this month? Let me know down in the comments!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Little Summer To Autumn Wishlist

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've got a little bonus post for you today, a selection of my fave buys for the next few months. It's kept me quite busy browsing online for all these pieces, a welcome distraction from worrying about Results Day tomorrow. I'm feeling okay about it at the moment but I've predicted that I'll have a meltdown as soon as Bake Off ends tonight. I just want it to be over to be honest so I can start concentrating on 6th Form... oh and my holiday to New York!

So if you're like me and don't have hundreds of pounds to blow on ASOS each time the weather changes, your best friends are transitional clothes. I'm talking clothes that are so versatile they can look nice all year round with boots and tights or flip flops and bare legs. I tried to pick all of these with that in mind because I've got to save for driving lessons/ a car and I'm not going to spend £20 on a bardot top that is inconvenient to wear 360 days a year. I love everything I've put into this post and I incorporated a range of prices, though I'd wait for some of them to go on sale if I were you. I'm actually looking at getting a pair of Adidas Gazelles when I'm in New York and I'm so excited about that because I've been living in Converse for the last 5 years. 

Pull & Bear are one of my favourite shops for casual fashion and it's no wonder that they feature in this post; I want to wear that Girl Gang bomber jacket while slowly taking down the patriarchy and there's nothing I love more than a cute slogan sweatshirt like the green and blue ones. Can you also tell I have a bit of a thing for embroidered items right now? That skirt is so pretty and would look awesome no matter what you wear it with. The two floaty dresses are gorgeous and the type of dress you could actually get a lot of wear out of rather, dressing it up and down. 

Burgundy Sheer Panel Skater Dress - New Look - £24.99

Grey Textured Floral Print Sweater - New Look - £14.99

Adidas Gazelle Vapour Pink White - £74.99

Black Ditsy Floral Wrap Front Mini Dress - New Look - £14.99

Slogan Sweatshirt - Pull & Bear - £19.99

Black Floral Embroidered A-line Denim Skirt - River Island - £45.00

Spot Cold Shoulder Mini Dress - Topshop - £49.00

Slogan Sweatshirt - Pull & Bear - £19.99

MOTO Cord Pini Dress - Topshop - £39.00

Suedette Lace Up Heel - New Look - £27.99

I hope you liked this little wishlist, I had a lot of fun putting it together. Let me know what your favourite items for the end of summer are in the comments!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

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Monday, 22 August 2016

The 5 Albums Of My Teenage Years

Whenever I get blogger's block I always go back to the question "what the hell is my niche?" There's been a lot of back and forth as to whether finding a niche is a good blogging tip but I've been thinking about it in the context of what is the unique perspective that I can offer rather than just putting out similar content to other bloggers. Then it occurred to me that I probably should be writing about things that are relevant to me not the 20 something bloggers I love. My fave posts are usually the ones that are really honest and personal to that particular blogger, I don't really care if it's relevant to my life because that's not the primary reason I read blogs. I figured out eventually that the posts about my actual life as a teenager work the best, so here we are with this post about all the albums that seem to epitomise my teenage years so far. 

The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance. Me and my friends discovered MCR at about age 13/14, me personally a few months after they broke up. It was at the stage where we were starting to become friends and this band were a thing we could all latch onto and enjoy together. We probably wouldn't have formed that close friendship as soon without them and for that I am so grateful. However it is a little bittersweet because at that point we were in Year 9 and all going through our angsty phases where I don't think we were half as happy as we are now. It was a time of insecurities and rough patches that just kept on coming, MCR was the soundtrack to all that, I like to think it helped a lot though.

This is pretty much the ultimate MCR album for me and it's been something I can always come back to as the songs never get tired or boring to me. To single out particular tracks that feel especially "teenagery" - Teenagers (of course), Cancer, Famous Last Words and Disenchanted (which I am convinced is a Taylor Swift song in a parallel universe... seriously, listen to the intro). 

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! at the Disco. This is an amazing album and will forever be iconic in my mind. Panic! are one of my favourite bands and I feel like this album sums up the cynical, anarchic side of teenagers. I think it's mainly significant to me because Panic! was never a specific phase of the past few years, I've always gone back to this particular album for the amazing lyrics. It doesn't feel all too polished and this is the first time the world ever got to hear the miracle that is Brendon Urie's voice so it must be pretty special. I have no idea what category this music falls into but it is 100% my kind of music (except for the other wildly different genres you'll see in this post). I can't believe I was only 6 in 2005 when everyone was going through the phase of having insanely long song titles, what a time for music. I Write Sins Not Tragedies is a song that every should know the lyrics to and my other recent favourites are I Constantly Thank God For Esteban, Build God Then We'll Talk and (brace yourself this one's long) There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet.

Midnight Memories - One Direction. I couldn't do this list without including One Direction, it was just a matter of which album. This one is the first one I properly listened to as it came out and kind of lightened up my mood a lot during this time. I remember my current friend group was forming around this time and we were all getting into 1D so there's a lot of happy memories associated with it. Harry Styles' voice is a gift to this generation and I think everyone needs something a little lighter and less serious to listen to every now and then. 

5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS. This one properly represents my friends and the part of my life I've spent with them. We completely bonded over this album and going to see 5SOS live was one of the best memories I have with them. Nowadays I'm not too sure how much I like the band as people, they haven't been coming across well this year, but I still absolutely love this album and just remembering singing every word at their concert puts a smile on my face.

Know-It-All - Alessia Cara. This only came out last year but it's the single album that I feel I can relate to the most as a teenage girl. Alessia has such a way with lyrics and her creativity is so inspiring to me as it feels as though she didn't compromise on any aspects of her music when putting out this album. She writes about ambition in Four Pink Walls, small town problems in Here and body image in Scars To Your Beautiful, all in such an honest and unapologetic manner. Her whole look feels so authentic, rather than being moulded into the stereotypical young pop star image and it definitely feels like her voice and her ideas being presented in the album. For me, it feels like the album that best represents me and my worldview so will always be special to me in that respect. I would really highly recommend checking this album out for yourself.

Those were the five albums that have been the most significant in my life as a teenager. Let me know if you'd like to see more of this more personal content and more music in the future! 

I'd love to know which albums have been significant to you, leave me a comment!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo 

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Thoughts You Have Before Results Day

The summer is slowly drawing to a close, back to school ads are on TV and I need to get a move on with my 6th form uniform shopping. Ugh, school is just around the corner again ... but there's one thing we also have to get before it starts... exam results. I've got my GCSE results coming in on the 25th and the week before it's the A/AS Level results for those in the years above me. I've been going through the motions in terms of my attitude towards this day so I thought I'd do one of those fun "thoughts you have" to try and make the day seem less scary in my head. 


You're so ready for these results, you've been waiting since mid-June and as soon as they're in, you can start focusing on the next thing. You're just super keen to get the day out the way, it will be fine... right?

Well actually, if these results do come, it means you'll actually have to find out what you got in all those individual subjects. This means actually knowing what grade you got in Biology and Maths, you won't be able to un-know that. Um, I'd rather live in peaceful ignorance like I have this whole summer, thanks!

It'll be FINE. Remember you felt really good about most of your exams afterwards, you were so happy after Physics, or was that just because you didn't have to do any of it again?

Oh my god, do you remember all those times you got out of the exam and everyone got a different answer to you? That was awful. you bet you've made so many mistakes, you can't even remember what you said for that question everyone was talking about on Twitter afterwards. Where were those drunk rats everyone was going on about? Did you miss a page? It was almost two months ago, you can't remember how you felt after most of your exams. That means it was probably awful right? 

Hang on, coursework is included in your final grade too, at least you know what you got in that so it's not going to be that bad ... apart from those subjects where coursework is 5%.... yikes... Seriously you did your speaking and listening assessment on Hamilton, what if they change their mind about the mark? (true story I actually did my coursework on LMM's masterpiece - full marks so thanks Lin!)

Okay what's the worst that can possibly happen though? .... Oh actually let's not go down that rabbit hole...

You know, you did work really hard for those exams... and you did fine in your mocks... maybe it won't be that bad?

Remember all those hours you spent making notes and reading those notes and drinking tea and quizzing your self... it can't all have been to waste, right? You're going to do really well. 

Either way, these exam results aren't the be all and end all of your education. Some of the most successful people in history weren't suited to the exam system of testing so you'll be fine no matter what the results are. 

Who needs A stars when you can have Magic Stars, am I right ladies?


I hope you enjoyed this post and could relate to it somehow! Please let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future.

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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Friday, 5 August 2016

A Crazy Day In London

 Do you ever have one of those days that takes a turn for the unexpected and never really turns back to normality so it ends up being one extraordinary thing after the other? Yeah that was my day on Wednesday. The week started normally, I was working Monday and Tuesday, getting excited about seeing the Bodyguard and reviewing it for London Theatre Direct. The morning also started fairly normally, I finished up a post and was having a bit of a nightmare with photography, I also had a little go at Instagram stories which was fun seeing as I don't use Snapchat. My verdict - cool if you can get past the sly behaviour of Instagram. 

didn't go to Cursed Child but this building is so photogenic it hurts
Crazy Thing #1. As soon as we get to Swindon Station to head down to London, I spot Niomi Smart, the incredibly successful blogger/YouTuber. I didn't say hi because we were in a hurry to get on the train but I wouldn't have even known she was in the Cotswolds if I hadn't seen her Insta Story from the morning. It was slightly surreal seeing such a famous YouTuber in one of the most mundane places that I frequently visit. We hadn't even got into the city yet and the trip was out of the ordinary. We have seen a few famous people on our theatre trips before, including Ian McKellan, Lee Mead and Shane Richie, all in the audiences, but I've got to admit Swindon Station isn't the most typical of locations to see people with millions of social media followers!

When we got to London, me and my mum had a wander down to Foyles Bookshop to pore over the huge selection of books, including Harry Potter in every language imaginable. We also went down to look around the area where all the LSE buildings are, because I'd quite like to apply there in a few years. After a delicious meal at Bills, we wandered down towards Leicester Square. 

Crazy Thing #2. Wednesday was the Suicide Squad European premiere and I couldn't quite believe our luck that the theatre was so close to Leicester Square. The actual bit that's used for the premiere is a lot smaller than it looks from pictures and you really can't see a lot if you're not in the penned in areas hours before so this picture is basically all I could see. At one point I could see the screen where Laura Whitmore was interviewing Karen Fukuhara but we couldn't wait long to see anyone else on the screen. I'm pretty sure if we'd been there 10 minutes earlier or later we could have seen Will Smith or Jared Leto though! Just knowing that I was metres away from Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne was really exciting!

We then went back to Foyles to grab a brownie and aesthetically pleasing lemonade in their gorgeous cafe. I thought it was delicious but the American woman next to me who had one too was very vocal about how it was "the worst lemonade she'd ever tasted", which was lovely to hear ...

Crazy Thing #3. When I got to the Dominion Theatre I spotted two sisters picking up tickets and realised I knew them from Twitter! It was so nice to see Em and Meg, it's always lovely to meet other theatre bloggers in the wild! 

The Bodyguard is incredible, please go see it if you have the chance. I'll link my review when it's up but to sum it up: Beverley Knight is the ultimate queen of the West End and it's a show that makes you laugh, cry, jump and dance. 

Crazy Thing #4. Michael Ball was in the audience, sitting right in front of my friends in fact. It was especially cool as Em had actually interviewed him before. You know you're a West End regular when you're in the same audience as theatre royalty such as himself!

Crazy Thing #5. A lady hugged me and my mum on the tube on the way back to Paddington. Not the usual tube experience I have to admit. Just one more bizarre thing on top of a really strange but cool day.

So that was my epic day in London, I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

I'd love to know about any of your strange days, have you ever run into someone famous. Let me know in the comments! 

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Roundup | Life, Beauty, Music + Style

Recently I've been starting and abandoning blog posts a lot more frequently than usual. It's mainly the concepts that have started out great but turn rubbish in my head after the first paragraph; there's so much I want to share, from products to my states of mind but I can't find the right angle to use when I compile them into a blog post. I'm constantly wanting to try new sides to blogging but I can't find a way to do it in a way that I find interesting to write and that feels actually worthwhile. 

One thing I want to veer away from is the advice style that I usually end up taking, wording things so it seems like I'm solving problems easily because let's be honest I'm only 16 and do not have a good enough perspective to be acting as if I've got everything sussed. All the posts ended up with some sort of pretentious advice angle that just sounds ridiculous in my head, so after several deleted drafts I figured that I need something a little more regular and simple in format to share all the things I want to share. This comes in the form of a monthly round up of favourites, but including things from my life and possibly being themed in future months to make things more interesting. 

Life. July has seen me actually earning money for the first time ever. I've started doing a few days a week at my dad's workplace and I'm also helping out at a local independent bookshop, which is taking up a lot of my time, especially as I'm also trying to write for several platforms as well in my spare time. It's been a really great month for talking to new people and it feels like I'm in one of those "moving forward" periods where I introduce a lot of new stuff into my life and it's all still very exciting. I also went away and took a lot of time for myself to recharge and read a lot of books so all in all July was a really good month for me. 

Beauty - Soap and Glory "Glow All Out" Cheek Stick. Okay so I've only had this for a few days but I'm pretty sure I'm already in love with it. Either way, highlighter has been my favourite thing to wear for this whole month but this is the one specific product that really stands out for me. It's a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour and slides on really nicely; it's easy to make it look natural, unlike others that I've used in which my cheekbones could blind someone (and not in the good way). I'm trying to slowly make the transition into only using cruelty free makeup and I'm pretty sure Soap and Glory is a pretty good brand for this. 

Style. Most of this month I've been into the bomber jacket I featured on this post and the adorable Primark dress in my profile picture (until the straps went and broke on me). 

Music. I've recently got back into My Chemical Romance again after they played with our hearts and teased a reunion which just ended up being an album reissue. The Black Parade is one of my favourite albums of all time though so I can forgive them and get on with reliving all my memories of being 13/14. Amazing songs I've been jamming to include:

Girls Talk Boys - 5SOS,
Bury It - CHVRCHES and Hayley Williams
WILD - Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara

Film. I'm seeing the Bodyguard at the Dominion Theatre in London tonight so I watched the film for "research". Despite the wooden acting, it's a really fun film and the whole mix of romantic/thriller genres works really well. Definitely one for a girly night in. 

Hopes for August. So much is happening this month, mostly really exciting stuff. I'm going to New York at the end of the month which is going to be amazing and hopefully I'll be in London a few times as well. It's also Results Day soon which is not so exciting because I'm pretty nervous about it. I also have to buy clothes for sixth form and do all the work that was set over the summer but hopefully I'll have time for fun summery things too.

Photography really wasn't working for me this week so I promise next time there will be more photos of the things I'm mentioning!

So that was my month, how about yours? Tell me all about your July in the comments below!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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