Friday, 5 August 2016

A Crazy Day In London

 Do you ever have one of those days that takes a turn for the unexpected and never really turns back to normality so it ends up being one extraordinary thing after the other? Yeah that was my day on Wednesday. The week started normally, I was working Monday and Tuesday, getting excited about seeing the Bodyguard and reviewing it for London Theatre Direct. The morning also started fairly normally, I finished up a post and was having a bit of a nightmare with photography, I also had a little go at Instagram stories which was fun seeing as I don't use Snapchat. My verdict - cool if you can get past the sly behaviour of Instagram. 

didn't go to Cursed Child but this building is so photogenic it hurts
Crazy Thing #1. As soon as we get to Swindon Station to head down to London, I spot Niomi Smart, the incredibly successful blogger/YouTuber. I didn't say hi because we were in a hurry to get on the train but I wouldn't have even known she was in the Cotswolds if I hadn't seen her Insta Story from the morning. It was slightly surreal seeing such a famous YouTuber in one of the most mundane places that I frequently visit. We hadn't even got into the city yet and the trip was out of the ordinary. We have seen a few famous people on our theatre trips before, including Ian McKellan, Lee Mead and Shane Richie, all in the audiences, but I've got to admit Swindon Station isn't the most typical of locations to see people with millions of social media followers!

When we got to London, me and my mum had a wander down to Foyles Bookshop to pore over the huge selection of books, including Harry Potter in every language imaginable. We also went down to look around the area where all the LSE buildings are, because I'd quite like to apply there in a few years. After a delicious meal at Bills, we wandered down towards Leicester Square. 

Crazy Thing #2. Wednesday was the Suicide Squad European premiere and I couldn't quite believe our luck that the theatre was so close to Leicester Square. The actual bit that's used for the premiere is a lot smaller than it looks from pictures and you really can't see a lot if you're not in the penned in areas hours before so this picture is basically all I could see. At one point I could see the screen where Laura Whitmore was interviewing Karen Fukuhara but we couldn't wait long to see anyone else on the screen. I'm pretty sure if we'd been there 10 minutes earlier or later we could have seen Will Smith or Jared Leto though! Just knowing that I was metres away from Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne was really exciting!

We then went back to Foyles to grab a brownie and aesthetically pleasing lemonade in their gorgeous cafe. I thought it was delicious but the American woman next to me who had one too was very vocal about how it was "the worst lemonade she'd ever tasted", which was lovely to hear ...

Crazy Thing #3. When I got to the Dominion Theatre I spotted two sisters picking up tickets and realised I knew them from Twitter! It was so nice to see Em and Meg, it's always lovely to meet other theatre bloggers in the wild! 

The Bodyguard is incredible, please go see it if you have the chance. I'll link my review when it's up but to sum it up: Beverley Knight is the ultimate queen of the West End and it's a show that makes you laugh, cry, jump and dance. 

Crazy Thing #4. Michael Ball was in the audience, sitting right in front of my friends in fact. It was especially cool as Em had actually interviewed him before. You know you're a West End regular when you're in the same audience as theatre royalty such as himself!

Crazy Thing #5. A lady hugged me and my mum on the tube on the way back to Paddington. Not the usual tube experience I have to admit. Just one more bizarre thing on top of a really strange but cool day.

So that was my epic day in London, I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

I'd love to know about any of your strange days, have you ever run into someone famous. Let me know in the comments! 

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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