Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Roundup | Life, Beauty, Music + Style

Recently I've been starting and abandoning blog posts a lot more frequently than usual. It's mainly the concepts that have started out great but turn rubbish in my head after the first paragraph; there's so much I want to share, from products to my states of mind but I can't find the right angle to use when I compile them into a blog post. I'm constantly wanting to try new sides to blogging but I can't find a way to do it in a way that I find interesting to write and that feels actually worthwhile. 

One thing I want to veer away from is the advice style that I usually end up taking, wording things so it seems like I'm solving problems easily because let's be honest I'm only 16 and do not have a good enough perspective to be acting as if I've got everything sussed. All the posts ended up with some sort of pretentious advice angle that just sounds ridiculous in my head, so after several deleted drafts I figured that I need something a little more regular and simple in format to share all the things I want to share. This comes in the form of a monthly round up of favourites, but including things from my life and possibly being themed in future months to make things more interesting. 

Life. July has seen me actually earning money for the first time ever. I've started doing a few days a week at my dad's workplace and I'm also helping out at a local independent bookshop, which is taking up a lot of my time, especially as I'm also trying to write for several platforms as well in my spare time. It's been a really great month for talking to new people and it feels like I'm in one of those "moving forward" periods where I introduce a lot of new stuff into my life and it's all still very exciting. I also went away and took a lot of time for myself to recharge and read a lot of books so all in all July was a really good month for me. 

Beauty - Soap and Glory "Glow All Out" Cheek Stick. Okay so I've only had this for a few days but I'm pretty sure I'm already in love with it. Either way, highlighter has been my favourite thing to wear for this whole month but this is the one specific product that really stands out for me. It's a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour and slides on really nicely; it's easy to make it look natural, unlike others that I've used in which my cheekbones could blind someone (and not in the good way). I'm trying to slowly make the transition into only using cruelty free makeup and I'm pretty sure Soap and Glory is a pretty good brand for this. 

Style. Most of this month I've been into the bomber jacket I featured on this post and the adorable Primark dress in my profile picture (until the straps went and broke on me). 

Music. I've recently got back into My Chemical Romance again after they played with our hearts and teased a reunion which just ended up being an album reissue. The Black Parade is one of my favourite albums of all time though so I can forgive them and get on with reliving all my memories of being 13/14. Amazing songs I've been jamming to include:

Girls Talk Boys - 5SOS,
Bury It - CHVRCHES and Hayley Williams
WILD - Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara

Film. I'm seeing the Bodyguard at the Dominion Theatre in London tonight so I watched the film for "research". Despite the wooden acting, it's a really fun film and the whole mix of romantic/thriller genres works really well. Definitely one for a girly night in. 

Hopes for August. So much is happening this month, mostly really exciting stuff. I'm going to New York at the end of the month which is going to be amazing and hopefully I'll be in London a few times as well. It's also Results Day soon which is not so exciting because I'm pretty nervous about it. I also have to buy clothes for sixth form and do all the work that was set over the summer but hopefully I'll have time for fun summery things too.

Photography really wasn't working for me this week so I promise next time there will be more photos of the things I'm mentioning!

So that was my month, how about yours? Tell me all about your July in the comments below!

Have a wonderful week!
Hattie xo

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  1. So glad you're enjoying the summer! Thank God I'm not the only one who's struggling with photography this week! Is it just the weather? xxx

    1. Probably! Lighting was not cooperating and I was getting frustrated at things looking pretty in real life but apparently not when you take a photo :')
      Thank you lovely! xo


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