Sunday, 6 November 2016

Trolls, A Levels and a Good Change

It's been a while since I last posted on here, a long while, so long that it feels so strange to be writing on here after such a long absence (for me). I was on a roll with my last post, I'd just come back from New York, had just started 6th Form and was buzzing with ideas for content. It was all going to be fine, maybe I'd have less time to write posts but I'd still keep up the blog in Year 12. Then I found a tweet mocking me that had 50 RTs and suddenly I had a whole lot less motivation. 

A random grown man, who has zero connection to me at all, thought it would be hilarious to screenshot my twitter bio with a comment  suggesting that I'm throwing my life away and lots of other strangers decided to RT and like it. I count myself very lucky that this is the first experience I have with people being outright horrible about me on the internet and it could have been a lot worse but it still really upset me. It probably didn't help that I was already going through a period of insecurity about my blog, whether it was too fluffy or boring. So I ended up not writing a post or even thinking about writing a post for quite a while, because I just didn't feel like trying to come up with any ideas. 

I am still so angry about those tweets, it just feels so horrible that they were all laughing at me behind my back. I did look on their profiles and, surprise surprise, they were Trump supporters so that takes the sting off it a bit, they were never going to be nice about a girl who calls herself a feminist! It was very frustrating and made me feel quite unsafe on the internet for a while but you've just got to come back fighting when someone says something like that; deactivating or disappearing completely would mean they had won.

The rest of this update is a lot more positive, I promise! Actually, I've had the best start to 6th Form I could have had, I love my subjects, though I did switch one, and have a really close knit group of friends whom I love a lot. I'm learning to drive, which is actually really fun, and I'm looking to apply to some US uni's as well as UK ones. It's all going pretty well and I'm really optimistic about the next two years. 

As for what I want this blog to be, I'm going to have to cut back what I was doing last year as A Level work keeps me really busy but I do want to write more about things I'm seriously interested, quality over quantity. So expect more posts about politics, film, books etc in the future because that's the sort of writing I want to get better at. I've missed writing posts and putting them up but I'm not looking at doing everything the same way as before my break but I'm still so proud of this blog. 

That's it for today but you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what I'm doing when I'm not writing on here!

Have a wonderful week!
Harriet xo


  1. Ugh! Trump supporters.. Says it all really! Sorry to hear you had to deal with all that, it's horrible that people feel the need to be such a-holes! :( I hope you're ok, it seems like you've risen above it! :)
    I'm glad you're still proud of your blog - you should be, it's wonderful :)

    Sending lots of love <3

    Tania | teabee x

  2. Welcome back to blogging lovely, I missed your posts! :) Reading about your horrible experience with this tweet just made me very angry, why would anybody do that?! It's so immature especially coming from a grown man. I'm glad you're still doing your thing though & I can't wait to see your upcoming posts x


  3. That's horrible! Ignore him babe people are just jealous I'm glad your back posting! I've recently restarted posting too so here's for the both of us to carry on x
    Eleanor x

  4. I logged on and thought, I wonder if Harriet's gonna update her blog soon, and - YAY!! This is such an inspiring post, well done for being so strong :) always here if you need to talk - Memoona xxx


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