Friday, 6 January 2017

Dear January

Dear January,

I have something to ask of you. It’s very small, promise, but to me it’s very important.

Please be nice to us.

Before you protest, I know it’s your job to inflict such a sense of melancholy and what else can you do when you have to follow such a glittery month as December, but you don’t have to fall back into the same routine every single year? Think about it … you could change it up a bit?

What if, instead of giving everyone a bad case of the blues and dragging disappointment everywhere you go, you could kick 2017 off to an amazing start? Give people that New Years Day feeling every single day of the month so that they can accomplish some of their goals early on and go into the year with a renewed sense of focus and energy. Or if that’s too much for you to bear, just show them that they have so much worth and value, so if they do fall into a mid-month rut, they’ll have the courage and self-belief to see the temporary nature of their situation. It could really make a difference and people will need that boost now more than ever.

I know that a lot of what this month has in store isn’t actually your fault, January, we’ve got November to blame for the impending inauguration and the broken record of current UK politics was all caused by June, so I won’t blame you for the incoming case of awfulness that is inevitable. However I will warn you that if you try and pull any of the sort of nonsense that you did last year, you can be sure that we will not stand for it. Those were some terrible moves and you know it. Be nice to us, January, make this month as peaceful as it can be, we all went through a hell of a lot last year. 

I’d really like you to be nice to me and those around me. This is kind of a big year for me as this time next year I’ll have applied to uni and I’ll only have a few more months at my school, so if you could cut me some slack while I focus on the SAT exam I’ve got at the end of the month, that’d be swell. I’d also appreciate it if you could make sure everything goes well for my family, there’s some big things that need to go smoothly and as stress-free as possible. My friends all really deserve a good month too, they’ve given me so much happiness and I hope you can make sure that they receive some too.

You’ve got to make this work, January. We all kind of deserve it. 

Yours sincerely,